Ladies Fashion On The Go

Guangzhou Qin Tai Company is an apparel-producing company. Founded over 10 years ago, this company specialties in making ready-to-wear women’s clothes. The company creates a competitive advantage by offering clothes at wholesale prices, thus giving high-quality clothes to its customers.


The product offered by this clothing brand includes ready-to-wear dresses, blouses, suits, and shorts, that give a unique and confident look. Other seasonal items like jackets, women’s knitwear, hoodies, and sweatshirts are also produced by this company at wholesale price.


Advanced and high-quality equipment, along with the latest production techniques and methods are used at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality products.


The quality assurance department is responsible for checking that the company is following all the standard operating procedures.

Research and design (R and D):

The research and design department runs in the form of teams, where different ideas are shared and used during the designing process.

ODM and OEM techniques are used for clothes designing where ODM represents the designing of clothes according to customers’ will and ideas. Some samples are designed on a trial basis, before going for large-level orders.

The fabric selection process is an important step done very carefully to ensure quality. Along with women’s clothing, the company is now providing men’s wear as well.


Currently, the company has expanded to markets of USA, South Africa, UK, Kuwait by providing good quality clothes at wholesale prices.


The company encourages feedback from customers and welcomes suggestions as well. It aims to follow a 360-degree approach of quality enhancement, which means that the company is always improving itself on each and every level of production, thus making sure that high-quality clothes at wholesale prices are produced at the end.

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