What Is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is a type of garlic that is dark brown in colour because of its production methods. It is obtained by heating Alium Sativum (garlic) over a long period of time. Due to excess heating, you may observe a slight change in the taste of the black garlic. They are usually sweet, cloying along with a slight taste of tamarind.

Difference between black and white garlic:

There is a slight difference between black and ordinary white garlic. The very first difference that comes between both types of garlic is the appearance and taste. Black garlic is deep brown, whereas, regular raw garlic is white in colour. Black garlic is sweet in taste. On the other hand, the ordinary white garlic possesses a strong pungent flavour.

Just like raw garlic, black garlic has numerous benefits on human health. A few benefits are given below:

Benefits of black garlic:

  1. Black garlic is proved helpful in treating various diseases related to kidney, heart, and diabetes. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it also aids in lowering high sugar levels in the blood.
  1. According to various research and studies, black garlic has some anti-oxidant properties that are helpful in fighting against cancer (aids in reducing the chances of colon cancer). Also, black garlic is helpful in lessening the cell damage of the body.

Where to buy black garlic?

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