A Beginner’s Friendly Guide To The Baffle Ceiling

At first, the name ‘baffle ceiling” might be a bit confusing to you. After all, a baffle is normally used in conjunction with kitchen or other domestic appliances such as refrigerators or ovens. So what is a baffle ceiling? If this is your first time hearing of such a thing, don’t worry. We have prepared a beginner’s friendly guide of baffle ceilings for you.

Baffle ceiling is the simplest and most popular ceiling design because of its ease to install and straight view from above. It is not only used in residential but also applied in commercial and public space.

For example, hotels choose a metal baffle ceiling for their guest rooms to give a sense of comfort and luxury. Conference rooms often use black baffle ceilings to create an atmosphere that is formal and sophisticated. 

The Baffle ceiling has good sound absorption, so it is widely used in concert halls, meeting rooms, schools and other places which have large open spaces. Public spaces such as railway stations, airports, waiting rooms and shopping malls all have metal baffle ceilings too.

Tension cable system is to connect the baffle board by hooks and wires on the top of the ceiling. The hooks are installed at the upper edge of each board and the wire is connected to them. The whole structure looks like a big panel. 

The tension cable system has a strong load bearing capacity and is easy to install. So it is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. A baffle ceiling machine is responsible for creating these unique ceiling panels, so if you’re interested in creating such a ceiling, contact a supplier today.

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