Waterproof WAGO Connectors – The Gelbox

waterproof wago connectors

Waterproof WAGO Connectors – The Gelbox

Moisture is a serious threat for electrical installations, and it can lead to short circuits. That’s why wago developed an innovative solution to prevent moisture ingress: the Gelbox.

The compact box is pre-filled with gel and provides IPX8 levels of protection for inline lever-nut connectors. It has many advantages over conventional encapsulation.


WAGO connectors are designed to be reliable in challenging environments. They’re ideal for residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy projects. They’re also waterproof wago connectors resistant to temperature fluctuations, moisture, and vibration.

These electrical connections are simple and easy to use, thanks to their tool-free connection technology. They’re also durable and reusable, which makes them a good choice for jobs that require post-install adjustments or movements. In addition to being more rugged than wire nuts, WAGO connectors are rated for up to 32 amps and can accommodate larger conductor sizes.

The WAGO Gelbox is a waterproofing solution that can be used in low- and extra-low-voltage applications. It’s primarily designed to protect the connection against water and humidity, but it can be fully submerged in water (as long as the connectors aren’t pressurized).

The Gelbox is available in six different sizes. It’s only tested and approved for use with WAGO’s 2273 series PUSH WIRE connectors and its 221 series compact splicing connectors with levers. Each size has a layout that specifies a fixed assignment based on the type of connectors that will be used. When reinstalling or rewiring, both the Gelbox and connectors must be replaced to ensure maximum protection. This is one of the reasons that Gelboxes are more expensive than wire nuts or push-in connectors. However, the initial investment is worth it for contractors who want to provide their clients with a safe and secure electrical system.


Waterproof electrical connectors keep water out of circuits, reducing damage to equipment and lowering the risk of electrical shocks. They also simplify and speed up wiring tasks by eliminating the need to use tools. They are ideal for LED lighting installations and have revolutionized the way facilities electrical is designed, executed and maintained.

Heavy precipitation, powerful water jets or even temperature fluctuations can quickly lead to moisture in junction boxes – a situation that is the cause of numerous short circuits. Moisture in a connection is usually not noticed until protective devices are triggered. This can be very dangerous for people working on the installation.

WAGO has developed a new solution to this problem: The Gelbox. This compact box pre-filled with silicone-free gel offers optimal IPX8 levels of moisture protection for wired splicing connectors from the 2273 and 221 series. To install it, simply place the wired splicing connector in the box and close it with slight pressure. The Gelbox is suitable for use in a variety of low and extra-low voltage applications.

Another advantage of the Gelbox is that it can be re-used. This is because the potting compound used is Cellpack-brand gel, which has already fully reacted. This eliminates the need to mix a sealing compound and saves time on an installation job. This is waterproof power connector particularly important because it prevents the user from having to wait for the sealing compound to dry or harden.


Waterproof wago connectors provide maximum flexibility in installation. They offer a range of connection options, including push-in termination or lever-actuated connections. This flexibility helps to reduce time and effort when assembling electrical installations, which in turn lowers maintenance costs.

Heavy precipitation or a powerful water jet can quickly cause moisture to form in junction boxes. This causes currents to seek completely new paths, which can ultimately lead to a short circuit. However, this is often only noticed when the protective devices triggered by this moisture are activated.

With the Gelbox, Wago has developed a solution to prevent this risk. This is a compact box pre-filled with silicone-free waterproofing gel. The gel used offers the same IPX8 level of protection as conventional potting compounds, but without permanently encapsulating the distribution box.

It is a simple solution: The wired splicing connectors are simply placed in the Gelbox and closed with slight pressure. This seals the box securely and completely wraps the installation in gel. The WAGO Gelbox is only tested and approved in combination with WAGO’s 2273 Series PUSH WIRE connectors and the 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for conductor cross-sections up to 4 mm2. It is available in six different sizes. For each size, there is a terminal diagram that clearly specifies a fixed assignment based on the connectors to be used.


The moisture that forms inside a junction box can cause short circuits. This can happen for a number of reasons, including rapid temperature changes. These can occur when a wire connector heats up during use and then cools down abruptly. This causes condensation, which then forms on the inner wall of the connector chamber. This can cause electricity to take completely new paths, leading to a potential short circuit.

A waterproof wago connector will not allow this to happen, as it will prevent any moisture from reaching the connector and causing damage or electrical short circuits. The water-resistant features of a Wago 221 series waterproof wago connector are also very beneficial for use in outdoor lighting applications. These types of wago wiring connectors are designed to provide protection from rain, sunlight and other harsh weather conditions, helping to prolong the lifespan of the lighting fixtures that they are connected to.

Wago has made it easy to install their waterproof wago connectors by designing a special maintenance-free junction box. The QuickFix JB3 is compatible with a range of different Wago 221 series waterproof wago Connectors, and is ideal for LED lighting installations in residential and commercial settings. This innovative junction box will simplify the installation process, speeding up the time it takes to make your electrical connections. If you’d like to order this maintenance-free junction box for your next project, get in touch with us here at Bounce LED. We offer next-day delivery Australia-wide and can assist with any questions that you may have about our products.

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