A Motorola Radio Walkie Talkie For Work and Play

motorola radio walkie talkie

A Motorola Radio Walkie Talkie For Work and Play

Consumer walkie-talkies can offer a dependable communication solution for outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness. They’re also fun and nostalgic for families.

They have a simple push-to-talk function, work hands-free, and have excellent battery life. In our line-of-sight test, they transmitted farther than any of the other walkie talkies we tested.

Product Description

A Motorola radio walkie talkie is an excellent tool for businesses in a variety of industries. Its versatility and reliability are a great asset in the workplace, especially in busy retail locations. Dropped calls or unreliable communication can lead to a loss of customers and revenue. With this in mind, many companies are seeking ways to improve their internal communication.

Consumer walkie talkies operate on 900 MHz frequencies and do not require licensing in the United States. These devices are used by millions of individuals and do motorola radio walkie talkie not cause interference with other electronic devices. In addition, they provide a private channel for communication between individual users. They do not offer the same clarity or durability as business two way radios and their batteries aren’t as long-lasting.

The best walkie talkies have a range of up to several miles in unobstructed conditions. They also have the ability to work in low power mode, which allows them to save battery life and still transmit information within a reasonable distance. They can also be paired with an application to allow you to connect with other walkie talkies using your phone.

Some of the top rated walkie talkies include the Motorola Talkabout T801 and Rocky Talkies. These models have a fun name and are well-designed, performing better than other walkie talkies in our tests for use by families on outdoor adventures and those who are creating emergency preparedness kits.


Motorola walkie talkies can be used for work in many sectors including retail businesses, airports, security, restaurants, hotels, ports and more. They can also be useful for extreme sports like hiking, hunting and rock climbing. These handheld devices are made to withstand shocks and can be dropped without damaging them. These features make them a great option for outdoor use where the weather may be unpredictable.

The basic function of a walkie talkie is to transmit and receive radio signals. The device converts sound waves into radio signals and then broadcasts them to other handsets or base stations. A walkie talkie is usually powered by a battery and uses an antenna to transmit and receive radio waves. It is a convenient communication tool for those who need to keep in touch with others but don’t want to be distracted by phones or other electronic devices.

Most walkie talkies can be used with a simple push of the button and some can even be programmed to transmit a specific message upon pressing the button again. This function is very useful in emergency situations or if the user wants to ensure their privacy and does not accidentally overhear another conversation. There are also advanced features such as noise reduction and VOX voice activation which help to improve clarity when using the radios.


For businesses that rely on instant, hands-free communication, Motorola offers a range of business radios to ensure productivity. Whether you are a small retail shop or a large warehouse operation, our two-way radios help to streamline workplace connectivity. Motorola Solutions also provides motorola dm1400 business radios for government agencies that require effective agency communication to protect the safety of the public.

Our consumer walkie talkies are perfect for outdoor adventures, family fun and emergency preparedness. Their intuitive design and push-to-talk functionality make it simple to communicate at a moment’s notice, so you can enjoy, live and conquer your moments.

These handheld radios have a slim, compact profile that is easily portable and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Their textured, blue-plastic body has indented ridges and a constellation of speaker holes in the front. They are lightweight at five ounces per device and have an ultradurable design. In our testing, they survived a drop from about a foot in the air and a few splashes in the water.

The Motorola Curve meets the needs of modern businesses by combining traditional push-to-talk with the convenience of voice assistance. This feature requires a subscription, which can be purchased on a per-seat basis or a per-device basis, depending on your needs. Aside from the radio, TechWholesale includes a belt holster for convenient carry and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of 10-11 hours on a single charge.


Motorola two-way radio walkie talkies are excellent value for money. They come in a range of sizes and wattages, some with serious range that can cover miles outdoors. They are also designed to resist unforgiving conditions such as dust, dirt and water. Some are IP (Ingress Protection) certified, with digits that indicate their resistance to solids, liquids or both.

Many consumer walkie talkies are part of the FRS (Family Radio Service) category, and do not require licensure in Canada or the U.S. These devices use the 900 MHz frequency band, shared with millions of cordless phones and other electronic devices, but they do not cause interference and are virtually impossible to eavesdrop on. In contrast, business two way radios require licensing and operate on higher frequency bands that are much less crowded.

In addition, consumer TALKABOUT walkie talkies can be used for fun family activities or in emergency preparedness situations. They are easy to use, and have a clear LCD display that lets you see bandwidth, battery status, and channel number. They are ideal for outdoor adventures, camping and sports activities and come with a rugged protective carry case to ensure they remain safe in your pocket or bag. Some have a Roger beep to indicate it is your turn to speak and others are waterproof. Some have a VOX hands-free feature that allows you to communicate without having to hold down the button.

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