Waterproof WAGO Connectors

waterproof wago connectors

Waterproof WAGO Connectors

Heavy rainfall or powerful water jets can cause moisture in junction boxes. This can quickly lead to a short circuit.

The Gelbox from wago offers optimal protection against moisture. It is a compact box pre-filled with silicone-free gel. It offers the same IPX8 levels of protection as conventional potting compounds. The WAGO Gelbox is simple to use: just insert the wired splicing connectors and close the box.

Compact design

Waterproof WAGO connectors are a cost-effective solution for electrical installations. These are compact, which means they can be easily housed in distribution boxes. They also make it easier to re-wire the connections, which is important for future expansions. To choose the right Gelbox for your electrical installation, use our product finder to select your connector. The Gelbox is a small box pre-filled with silicone-free gel that provides IPX8 levels of moisture protection for WAGO 221 and 2273 Series lever-nut wire splicing connectors for conductor cross-sections up to 4 mm2.

Moisture within a junction box can cause a short circuit, which is often only noticed when protective devices are triggered. It can also cause currents to take completely new paths, which could lead to damage. Fortunately, the WAGO Gelbox offers a simple and reliable solution to this problem.

The Gelbox is used in a wide range of low- and extra-low voltage applications, but the way it is installed does differ somewhat among the specific voltage ranges. For example, in SELV (Safety waterproof wago connectors Extra Low Voltage) applications (e.g., 230 V), the Gelbox is used in conjunction with splicing connectors in junction boxes, which ensures double cable insulation to protect against electric shock. This approach differs from the way the Gelbox is used in low-voltage applications, where an additional junction box is not required.

Easy to re-wire

When moisture meets electricity, it can cause a short circuit. It is therefore important to provide reliable moisture protection for your wiring connections. The WAGO Gelbox is a solution that provides this protection. It is an encapsulation system consisting of a box and connectors. The gel used is BBC Cellpack brand polyurethane and the whole system has been VDE-tested to EN 60998 standards. The WAGO Gelbox is easy to use – just open the box, insert the connectors and close it with slight pressure.

The Gelbox is a compact alternative to traditional twist-on wire nuts. It fits into small wiring spaces and is ideal for use in junction boxes or field wiring connectors in distribution boxes. It also has a clear housing and test probe ports on the front and rear. It is available in six sizes, and each has a layout that specifies a fixed assignment based on what connectors will be used.

The WAGO Gelbox is designed for use with 221 series lever-nut wire splicing connectors, which allow you to connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors. The connectors are UL approved and offer a maximum conductor cross-section of 4 mm2. They are also rated for up to 600V and 20A. Ideal has a similar product called the In-Sure wire connector, which is available in a number of different configurations.

High degree of protection

Waterproof connectors are an important component in electrical systems, as they offer a high degree of protection against damage and fires. They are made with insulating materials that can resist extreme temperatures, as well as corrosion resistant coatings that prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of environments, including indoor and outdoor installations. They also provide protection against accidental touch, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and injuries.

WAGO connectors can also help to improve the quality of facilities electrical systems by reducing the likelihood of loose connections or other problems. Their CAGE CLAMP technology ensures a secure connection and reduces the risk of vibration or temperature fluctuations that can cause loose wires. They are also easy to maintain, allowing you to quickly release the connection for troubleshooting or modifications.

WAGO 221 Series compact splicing wiring connectors allow you to connect solid and stranded wires without using any tools. They are also UL approved for use in junction boxes and field wiring connectors. These electrical connectors are ideal for replacing traditional twist-on wire nuts in lighting, motor control centers, and distribution boxes. They can be used with all voltage ranges and are designed to work with all conductor sizes. They are also reusable, making them more versatile than wire nuts and push-in connectors.

Easy to install

Wago’s 222 and 221 Series Splicing Wire Connectors offer easy installation with their tool-free levers. This allows users to easily and safely connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors. Moreover, they can also reduce space consumption in the junction box by 40%. Additionally, they come with a transparent housing, allowing users to visually check for proper strip length and complete wire insertion.

These connectors are UL 486C listed and CSA C22.2 No. 100-04, and are code approved in many jurisdictions. They can be used with all types of insulated and uninsulated wires up to 10 AWG. The levers allow for fast and easy connections, while the silicone filled twist-on cap helps to seal out moisture. This eliminates the need for time-consuming measures such as tape, heat shrink, and mastics.

Besides, these connectors are easily installed without using any tools, making them ideal for use in difficult-to-reach locations. In addition, they are easy to re-wire – simply pull up waterproof power connector the lever, insert a new conductor and push it back down. Moreover, the wires that connected in the old installation can be reused for the new one, but only with the same Gelbox and connectors.

The Gelbox is a compact box pre-filled with silicone-free gel and protects electrical installations precisely where they are needed – at the connection points – without permanently encapsulating distribution boxes. It is designed to be used with WAGO’s 2273 Series PUSH WIRE(r) Connectors and 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors for conductor cross-sections up to 4 mm2. The Gelbox offers IPX8 protection when used in the permitted combinations of connectors and box.

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