Waterproof Splice Connectors

waterproof splice connectors

Waterproof Splice Connectors

Waterproof splice connectors provide corrosion-resistant protection to electrical connections in outdoor locations where moisture or water is present. Typically filled with silicone or grease, the splices seal tightly to prevent moisture from entering and damaging wires.

CoolSplice connectors utilize push button and insulation displacement crimp technology to allow a common pair of pliers to terminate the insulated wires, making special tooling unnecessary. They are ideal for sprinkler valve splices and landscape lighting jobs.

Easy to Install

Waterproof wire connectors make it easy to splice copper buried underground, such as irrigation and landscape lighting wiring lines. They also make it easy to connect one home run to multiple fixtures in a junction box, allowing for more flexible layouts and reduced cable usage.

These waterproof splice connectors are simple to install with no tools required. All you need to do is place the stripped wires together, push them into the waterproof connector, and rotate the connector closed. The patented design includes two O-ring seals to keep water out, and latches secure the connector in place.

A popular choice for underground irrigation valve splices, the CoolSplice connector combines reliability with ease of termination. A common pair of pliers is used to push-button terminate the insulated wires into an insulation displacement crimp contact. The splice is then heat-gun sealed to a polyolefin adhesive-lined cover, with the connection visually confirmed through a clear sidewall.

Another option for splicing direct burial wire is the Dry-Crimp pre-filled wire connector. This crimp-style waterproof wire connector has a copper crimp and a protective housing filled with dielectric silicone sealant to protect the splice from corrosion. Holes in the connector housing keep silicone from escaping, and a double O-ring keeps water out of the splice. It’s ideal for sprinkler, lighting and outdoor electrical applications where wires are exposed to weather and submerged in water.


Many electrical applications are exposed to wet environments that can cause a variety of problems, including conductivity issues, corrosion and even complete failure. Waterproof connectors provide a durable seal that prevents moisture from entering a circuit, helping ensure that the connector remains in good working order.

Choose waterproof wire connectors that are rated for the conditions you will be using them in. For example, a rugged push-pull connector designed waterproof splice connectors for industrial use has an IP68 rating that provides protection against humidity, rain, snow and saltwater. These components are also able to resist high-pressure water flow.

Waterproof splice connectors are available in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of wire gauges. Select the size that matches the gauge of your project. For projects that require frequent disconnections, consider bullet connectors, which are easy to remove and re-use. For permanent or semi-permanent connections, butt connectors that feature heat-shrink insulation are a better choice.

Waterproof splice connectors eliminate the need for time-consuming measures like tape, heat shrink, mastics or corrosion kits. Simply strip the wires to expose bare metal, twist the connector onto the ends M12 waterproof connector of the stripped wires and push firmly. The silicone filled cap will create a watertight seal that protects against air and moisture, leaving you with a secure and reliable connection that is built to last.


If wire connections are exposed to water, dirt, dust or other contaminants, they can corrode and short out. Waterproof splice connectors create a seal that keeps out these elements, protecting them from damage and providing a reliable electrical connection.

The waterproof seal is created by compressing a gasket or o-ring, often made from rubber (such as silicone) against the connector and the panel. The o-ring or gasket ensures that no moisture can pass between the connector and the panel, keeping it dry. This waterproofing feature is especially important for applications that may be subjected to water vapor, saltwater or chemicals.

Using a waterproof wire connector eliminates the need for time-consuming measures like tape, heat shrink or mastics. Simply install the connector by inserting stripped wires into it, and twist firmly to secure it. It is also a good idea to straighten out any frayed ends of the wire, as these can be sources of corrosion.

There are several options for waterproof splice connectors depending on your needs. For example, some have an outer sleeve that is similar to heat shrink but is transparent for inspection, while others are crimped and shrunk. Some are even solderable, with low-temperature solder already pre-applied inside the connector to ensure a watertight connection. All are available in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Weather Resistant

Many electrical devices must be able to operate in harsh conditions where the presence of moisture can cripple performance. These wet environments may include humidity, rain, snow, saltwater vapor and even submersion. Electrical connectors must be able to seal out moisture to prevent corrosion of exposed wire ends and maintain conductivity. Waterproof splice connectors are typically filled with moisture resistant materials such as silicone, grease or petroleum to create a barrier between the conductor and the environment.

Many splice connector products feature an innovative IP68 waterproof design that makes them resistant to wet environments. A double O-ring barricades bare wires from moisture and contaminants, while latches lock the connector around them.

The waterproof design also includes a pre-filled silicone gel that fully encapsulates the splice, making it resistant to moisture and corrosion. This feature is especially useful for wet, raintight, and submersible applications.

Most waterproof splice connectors are designed with easy to use terminals that allow for quick termination. For example, the CoolSplice connector features a Lift and Lock lever that lets users insert a wire and then easily lock it in place. A variety of sizes are available to fit a range of cable types, from stranded to solid. Additionally, a special bundle is available with DryConn Direct Bury 600 silicone tube that provides another layer of insulating protection for splices in wet or submerged locations.

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