Choosing a Conference System for Your Meeting Room

Choosing a Conference System for Your Meeting Room

conference system for meeting room

Whether you need to conduct meetings or training sessions in a meeting room, a good conference system can be the perfect addition to your office. The following article offers information on various systems, including Zoom Rooms, Conference Room Connector, Airtame, and Logitech RightSense. We also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of conference system. To get started, you can start with the Zoom Rooms system. This system connects to the meeting room via a USB cable, provides group framing, noise-blocking, automatic speaker tracking, and other features.

Zoom Rooms

If you have a small business with multiple offices throughout the country or around the world, you may be wondering whether Zoom rooms are the right video conferencing solution for your space. Fortunately, Zoom Rooms is both a cost-effective and reliable video conferencing solution that is compatible with most hardware. It provides wireless screen sharing and can also integrate with existing conference room technology, including ceiling microphones and speakers. With the Zoom Rooms conference system, your remote participants will feel like part of the meeting, allowing them to share content, collaborate, and share content.

Meetings can range from small to large groups, depending on the needs of your business. Different businesses may need different kinds of meetings, including catch-ups and discussions about the big picture. Zoom Rooms makes it easy for both. A dedicated Zoom PC and control panel is a great option for small meeting rooms, but you can also choose a different configuration for your larger meeting room. If you are concerned about the size of your Zoom Rooms meeting room, a Zoom subscription is more than enough.

Before using the Zoom Rooms conference system for meeting rooms, you must configure the audio system. Different manufacturers offer microphones, speakers, and DSPs. Zoom Rooms’ Stem Ecosystem integrates every element of audio for conferencing. You can choose to purchase separate microphones and speakers, or combine them with a DSP and ceiling speaker. The audio components are powered and connected to the networking system. After connecting the equipment, you can configure the control device so that it can be used as a kiosk.

Depending on the size of your meeting room, a Zoom Rooms system requires a high-quality display. These displays are available in various sizes and resolutions. For example, a smaller display might be enough for a small huddle room, while a large screen may be needed for a large boardroom or conference room. In any case, a display should be a full 1080p resolution and be at least 50 inches in size.

Conference Room Connector

The Conference Room Connector for meeting rooms is a great way to integrate video conferencing into your workspace. This solution works with both traditional analog systems and video-capable systems. Regardless of which system you choose, the Conference Room Connector will make the process seamless and easy. There are many benefits to using this solution, and you can get a free trial of the product before you buy it. Here are just some of the advantages.

Zoom Rooms integrate audio, video, and calendar systems with ease, so that you can host meetings with a single click. It also has a built-in video and audio system, and allows you to share screens effortlessly with others. In addition to connecting to your current video-conferencing system, Zoom Rooms also integrate with Zoom’s own conferencing software, which makes it a useful tool for any company. It also integrates with existing SIP and H323 systems, allowing you to easily link your existing video meeting rooms with your existing video conferencing equipment.

With a Zoom Room Connector, you can schedule a meeting with a group of up to 50 participants. You can call the meeting room using either H.323 or SIP. Zoom users can only schedule meetings in the Zoom room connector if they are logged in as a paid member. However, if you are using a different meeting room software, you can also schedule meetings in the Zoom room.

The AT&T Office@Hand Room Connector is the backend service that allows you to connect other SIP-based room meeting hardware, such as Poly X30 or Poly X50. Purchasing this Connector requires a separate license from AT&T Office@Hand. You can buy it online or through your account manager. If you are already using an Office@Hand video service, the Conference Room Connector is a great way to expand your capabilities.


There are many advantages to using an Airtame conference system in your meeting room. With the Airtame software, you can display content from any source, including your own device. The system can also integrate classrooms and meeting rooms so you can see which meetings are already scheduled in a particular room. You can also easily launch scheduled video conferencing calls from the Zoapi Hub. Meeting reminders appear on-screen, enabling you to stay on top of your meetings and ensure everyone is on time.

The Airtame conference system is easy to use and enables participants to join from any device. It also provides enterprise-grade network integration so participants can easily share content and presentations. In addition to making sharing easier for guests, users of Airtame can use digital signage or log in with their existing accounts. They can also choose whether to purchase a subscription to access full research content or become a Metrigy client.

Whether you are in a meeting room or collaboration space, the Airtame Hub will give you the power you need to make your meetings go smoothly. The Airtame Hub supports a variety of formats, including video, and can be mounted to the wall or placed on a flat surface. This system also lets you use your own preferred camera, which makes it easy to use a presentation from one place to another.

Once you have installed the Airtame software, you can configure it for the specific meeting room. You can configure the system to use one or more devices, or to have a hybrid meeting. The Airtame software works on both Windows and Mac computers. The Airtame Cloud allows IT admins to manage all Airtame Rooms remotely. If you use Airtame in your meeting room, you should install the software on your laptop and run tests on it.

Logitech RightSense

A new intelligent software suite from Logitech, the RightSense conference system for meeting rooms, automates key settings for better video collaboration. Using the advanced RightSense algorithm, the camera and audio quality are automatically optimized for each participant. Users can adjust the sound and light balance for a natural picture, while reducing background noise for a clear, focused audio experience. RightSense also automatically improves video quality, so users do not have to spend time calibrating the system.

The RightSense video conferencing system is designed for meeting rooms with up to 10 people. It features a 4K PTZ camera, a separate speaker, and a microphone pod. The system can be placed on the desktop or mounted on a wall. The Rally can be installed under or above the display. It is an affordable option for meeting rooms that do not require a large conference room. It also supports video conferences in conference rooms of any size.

The RightSense conference system also features an optional wireless microphone. The RF remote control makes switching between the microphones easy and intuitive. You can also adjust the camera’s zoom and focus from your PC. The camera’s RightSight system automatically adjusts its lens to maintain a clear, focused image of the meeting participants. RightLight helps participants look their best on camera by reducing background noise and optimizing light balance.

The new camera from Logitech is the perfect solution for a meeting room. The new system separates microphones and speakers, and aligns audio with video. In addition to video, the new RightSense software offers a modular audio system that integrates well into a medium-sized room. In addition to the Rally, the RightSense conference system also supports a USB-connected video conferencing system.


The power of a Shure conference system for meeting rooms is a powerful combination of technology and intuitive setup. This versatile system will help you foster productive discussions, even if the room is large. Shure’s conference audio solutions offer intelligent control, plug-and-play installation, and easy setup. The system’s innovative features allow for a hassle-free meeting room experience. To learn more about Shure conferencing solutions, visit their website.

From high-performance audio and video to simple, DIY installation, Shure can deliver a comprehensive solution that solves any sound challenges. Shure’s Stem Ecosystem(TM) solutions provide clear audio for everyone in the room, and the range is scalable to meet your needs across your organization. Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem portfolio provides additional processing, configurability, and clarity. The entire Shure portfolio provides performance-grade audio and collaboration solutions for every meeting room.

Microflex Complete Wireless System provides outstanding audio quality and eliminates audio cabling. Its simple design allows for easy installation, whether it’s for a small village meeting or a large city council. Microflex Complete wireless conference systems utilize Shure’s patented technology, which delivers high-quality audio and all-day endurance. Users can enjoy the advantages of a Microflex conference system with ANI4IN compatibility for legacy microphones.

The Shure Microflex Ecosystem includes four channels of wireless access points. Compatible with Shure Microflex wireless microphone systems, it uses automated frequency coordination to manage two-way wireless transmission of encrypted audio and control signals. Users can install the system with one Ethernet cable. Shure conference system firmware can be downloaded from the company’s website. This tool will allow you to update your conference system’s firmware without a professional’s help.

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