Waterproof Low Voltage Wire Connectors

waterproof low voltage wire connectors

Waterproof Low Voltage Wire Connectors

Waterproof landscape lighting connectors allow you to replace tape and solder in wiring projects, giving you a stronger and more reliable connection. They also provide a cleaner and neater look than previous methods for wire connections.

Before using a wire connector, determine the type and size (gauge) of your wiring. Use the color coding on the package to select the right connector for your project.

VOLT(r) Dry-Crimp Pre-Filled Wire Connectors

The VOLT dry-crimp connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant and are designed to be used on copper wire conductors. The dry crimp design eliminates the need for an oxide inhibitor to break down the tenacious aluminum oxides that form on conductors and barrels. This allows for a higher level of reliability since the copper body and perforated insert do not require a corrosion resistant surface treatment against the aluminum terminal tongue.

To use, simply cut the conductors, remove the plastic caps on each end and align any frayed strands or conductors, then slide them into the crimp sleeve. The housing then snaps into place, leaving waterproof low voltage wire connectors the dielectric silicone sealant continuously encapsulating the splice and protecting it from moisture and environmental contaminants. There are two crimp sizes available to accommodate a wide range of wire types and gauges.

VOLT(r) Dry-Crimp Connectors

VOLT Dry-Crimp Pre-Filled Wire Connectors are crimp style connectors that come with pre-filled dielectric silicone sealant. They are designed for use in LV, MV and HV applications with copper or aluminium conductors. The sealant is continuously encapsulated, protecting the wire and ensuring it is waterproof. The crimp is also sealed to ensure that it will not separate from the housing.

These connectors are manufactured from electrolytic copper and have a tin plated finish. They are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the electrical industry and have a high level of performance. Unlike traditional aluminum crimp solutions, these connectors are able to terminate to stranded aluminum wire without using an inhibitor agent. They are able to do this by using a specialized crimping process known as dry crimping. This process eliminates the need for an inhibitor, resulting in a more reliable connection and less voltage drop.

VOLT Dry-Crimp connectors feature a unique design that makes them easy to use and highly durable. They are available in different sizes and voltage ratings, making them a versatile choice for any application. They are perfect for terminating bare aluminum conductors, reducing the risk of voltage drop, and creating a strong, watertight connection. They also have a high degree of mechanical strength and can handle a large amount of pressure.

King Innovation

King Innovations waterproof twist-on wire nut connectors are a great choice for outdoor electrical connections exposed to condensation, water vapor or dust. They are also ideal for landscape lighting and irrigation splicing. They are UL Listed and are rated for direct burial applications (wet and damp locations). The connectors feature an easy one-step installation process and no pre-twisting is required.

To use the waterproof connector, turn off power and strip wires to bare length. Line waterproof connector manufacturer up the ends of the stripped wires and align them slightly. Firmly push the wires into the connector and screw on clockwise. Wipe any excess sealant around opening and conductors.

The black/grey connector is suitable for use in low voltage two-wire decoded systems and provides a high quality, durable and weather proof connection. The connector is insulated and sealed with an impact resistant, non-corrosive, dielectric silicone sealant to protect your wiring. It is UL Listed and can withstand a 600V rated capability. It is also a good choice for direct buried lighting and other lighting or security systems. This splice connector is also compatible with the King Innovations GFCI protector, a safety device that prevents flashover and reduces fire hazard. This product is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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