Small Fog Machine Reviews – Tiny S, Mini-V, and Tiny FX Fogger

Small Fog Machine Reviews – Tiny S, Mini-V, and Tiny FX Fogger

Small fog machine

If you’re looking for a small fog machine, there are many different options. The Tiny S Fogger, Mini-V, and Tiny FX are the most common options, but you can also buy a customized version if you have a more specific need. In this article, we will discuss each model and why they’re great choices. If you’re looking for a small fog machine that doesn’t require a large space, you’ve come to the right place.

Tiny S Fogger

The Look Tiny S is a battery-powered, handheld fog machine. It features a microprocessor-controlled vaporizer, which heats glycol fluid and emits fog. There is no warm-up time or reheat cycle. The Tiny S comes with a wireless remote control and six syringes of fluid for the fog nozzle. For best results, we recommend using a fresh tank of fluid every few weeks.

The Tiny S fog machine comes with a battery pack and a charger. It comes with a 250-ml fluid tank, but does not come with a Tiny FX controller. The Tiny S fog machine package includes the unit, six 5ml fluid tanks, a rechargeable battery, a carry case, and a refill kit. The vaporiser PCB is not covered by warranty, so please check the packaging carefully for damage.

The Tiny S is simple to operate. There is a start button built into the lid, and there is a cable remote for easy operation. The machine comes with a mini-stereo jack cable for connecting to computers and other devices. Tiny S can produce dense fog from 5ml of Tiny-Fluid, and it has a low fluid consumption rate. The battery lasts about 10 minutes at a continuous output, and the fluid can be changed on-site.

The Tiny S has a simple, syringe-shaped fluid container and an integrated battery. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and use. It works best with Look Tiny Fluid. Other fluids could damage or void the warranty, so be sure to use only the recommended fluids. You can use other types of fluids to enhance your party atmosphere, but they may void the warranty or even cause damage.

Tiny FX

Despite its small size, the Tiny fog machine can produce powerful, professional-quality fog, and its easy operation makes it ideal for mobile users and small applications. The machine is lightweight, easy to carry, and has a durable heat exchanger. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and fits comfortably inside standard ductwork. It is also available in an AC version. To learn more about this machine, check out our review below.

The Tiny FX fog generator is an off-mains model that combines high flexibility and powerful fog output in a small package. It is perfect for stage shows, film and television productions, and even photographers, as it only has two components: a battery pack and a fog generator. The machine can generate 20 minutes of continuous fog output, and only heats up when fogging. The machine comes with a carrying case and an 8 oz. fluid tank.

The POWER-TINY uses a special fog fluid that produces dense, long-lasting fog with minimal fluid consumption. Using an XLR socket to control the fog production, this machine can be controlled by remote. Alternatively, it can be used with a wireless radio remote. In addition to the Tiny FX, this machine can be controlled by DMX and timer control modules. This lightweight, compact unit requires a 3.7 V battery and is easy to carry.


The Rosco Mini-V is a professional quality, compact fog machine that offers professional-quality effects without breaking the bank. Its energy-efficient heat exchanger produces a powerful, continuous stream of fog with minimal effort. Because it’s small and lightweight, it’s perfect for photographers, stage managers, and other applications where space is at a premium. It also fits into standard duct work and requires no training or special knowledge to use.

Its 16 inch size and lightweight design make it easy to operate. It boasts a 1000-watt heat exchanger for continuous fog output. This unit also features auto ramping, continuous fog output, and a detachable magnetic remote for convenient on/off operation. The machine can be mounted inside a duct or underneath a set piece for a professional effect. It can be used for multiple uses, including stage shows, film shoots, and live performances.

Tiny S

The Tiny FX Fogger is a small battery-powered fog machine that has the same smoke output as the current version. The unit comes with a battery pack and a charger, as well as a 250ml fluid tank. The battery lasts up to 20 minutes of fog output. The machine is also portable and comes with a carrying case and a mains power adaptor. It is an excellent choice for magicians, props, and magicians.

This battery-powered fog machine is programmable and features a microprocessor that controls the amount of fog. With its low weight and programmable microprocessor, the Tiny FX has a wide range of applications. You can program the amount of fog to emit at a certain level or change it as often as you like. Its programmability and versatility make it the perfect fog generator for many applications.

The Tiny S small fog machine has a 30W battery and a syringe for the fog fluid. It is the smallest fog machine on the market and is most commonly used for smaller atmospheric applications. It also comes with a wireless remote control and six fluid syringes. You can buy additional fluid if necessary. It has a 1.3-amp power adaptor and can be charged using a 12v car battery.

Moka SFX

If you are planning to throw a party or a concert and want to make it more interesting, the MOKA SFX small fog machine will surely be a great option for you. This smoke machine produces a dense white fog that floats on the floor. It then rises up and dissolves to create an enchanting atmosphere. To create this effect, the smoke machine uses a costumed mix fluid that is heated and released during the process. The MK-F09 mini smoke machine produces a beautiful spray of smoke that will surely captivate your guests.

The MOKA SFX small fog machine is made of a durable aluminum body for better heat dissipation. It has a nozzle which is where the fog or smoke comes out. A protective cover is welded to the nozzle to avoid it getting damaged. The safety of the user is also guaranteed with this machine. Its compact design makes it easy to store and carry. If you’re unsure how to operate the machine, the user manual is available online for further assistance.

The Moka SFX small fog machine can be customized to fit the needs of any special event. If you need to have your company logo on the machine, contact MOKA SFX. They will make it happen for you. The team at MOKA SFX understands the importance of customer service. They will send you a quote without any hassle or cost. This way, you can be confident that you will get the right product for your event.

Look Quick Fog Fluid

If you have a small fog machine, you may be wondering which type of fluid is best for it. Look Quick Fog Fluid is made specifically for fog machines manufactured by Look Solutions, including the Orka and the Viper. It provides a quick fog output, releasing the effect in less than two minutes. This fog fluid is also available in five-liter bottles and 55-gallon drums. For best results, it is recommended to purchase it at least a year in advance.

The most reliable way to decide if Look Quick Fog Fluid is right for your machine is to test it. This will help you find out what amount of fog your fog machine can produce. Buying one gallon of fluid will help you make an accurate decision. Use it as directed, but make sure to purchase extra fluid in case you encounter unusual weather conditions. Having extra fluid on hand will allow you to account for user error.

Another factor to consider when choosing a fog fluid is active time. A Geyser P5 is designed to last for up to eighty minutes, which is roughly the same as the amount of fog produced by an Hours per Gallon model. However, the active time is not easy to remember and you’ll want to make sure your machine can last that long. If you want to avoid the hassle of purchasing more fluid than you need, you can always buy one that has a higher active time.

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