The Benefits of Hydrotherapy and a Premium Leisure Spa

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy and a Premium Leisure Spa

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Hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve tired muscles and aid in better sleep. It also helps to refresh the body and mind before a new day of activity. Premium Leisure Spas use powerful massage jets to ease muscle pain caused by tiredness and arthritis. Read on to discover why hydrotherapy is an important treatment for these problems. Let us have a look at the benefits of hydrotherapy. We’ll also look at the benefits of a Premium Leisure Spa.

GL635 L

The Leisure spa GL635 L is designed with luxury in mind. It has ample space for six users, one of which is a lounger seat. There are 63 jets of gray and stainless steel, which deliver hydrotherapy benefits to the body. The spa also comes with two fountains, air and water controls, LED mood lighting, and large foot jets for ultimate luxury. At 900 pounds when empty, the spa is heavy, but can be moved easily with a jackknife.

The Garden Leisure GL635L has a luxurious look and feels great in the home. It is designed for five users, and has 35 gray and stainless steel jets, LED lighting, and a foot jet. The Garden Leisure GL635 L’s polymer cabinet provides an unmatched look that’s virtually maintenance-free. Its custom rounded corners and removable panels make the unit easy to maintain. This unit is also soundproof and flame-retardant.

GL525 L

The Garden Leisure Spa GL525 L features a lounge seat, a water and air temperature control panel, LED mood lighting, and 25 stainless steel jets. It can comfortably accommodate up to three adults. It is the perfect spa for couples or singles who want a spacious tub. Whether you prefer a small or large tub, the GL525 L has everything you need in a spa. Its price is a reasonable $299, and its features are perfect for your home.

GO 622

The GO 622 Leisure spa has a dual lounger seating area for two people and has 22 jets. It measures 84″ x 66″ x 34″ and is non-convertible. The GO 626 has more jets but is not convertible. Its main differences are its size, with the 626 having more jets and a smaller shell, and the GO 622’s non-convertibility.

The GO SPAS are built with superior craftsmanship and quality components. The GO 622 is made with an acrylic surface that features Lucite(tm) and a custom molded plastic bottom to protect the home owner’s deck. Its heavy duty thermo cover is also heavy-duty and maintenance-friendly. The GO 622 is a great choice for first-time buyers or active individuals looking for a spa that will provide years of enjoyment.

The GO 622 Leisure spa is part of the Premium Leisure Spas line. This line includes three models. Each is rated for six to seven people, and all of them are top-of-the-line in performance and luxury. The PR761 has 30 jets, while the PR881 boasts a lounger and dual speed pumps. The PR 982 has 51 jets and an open seating area for seven people.

GO 626

The GO 626 Leisure spa is a large, dual-lounge model that is 84″ x 66″ and seats two people. Its non-convertible design and 31 jets give you a soothing, relaxing experience. This spa is not convertible and has a dual-speed pump. It is a perfect choice for families and couples who enjoy spending time in the spa. Its dual-speed pump and lounger make it an easy choice.

GO spas are constructed of the highest quality components and expert craftsmanship. Lucite’s acrylic surface is renowned around the world. GO Spas have custom molded plastic bottoms to protect the deck and home owner’s patio. Their pressure-treated wood substructure makes them extremely durable and maintenance-friendly. The heavy-duty thermo cover ensures years of enjoyment. Its GO SPAs are the perfect fit for active families.

GO 632

The GO 632 Leisure spa from Premium Leisure LLC comes with a five-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any major spa component, including plumbing and electrical equipment. In the event that the spa requires service, Premium Leisure LLC will provide authorized field service to repair or replace the damaged components. The warranty also covers optional accessories such as cabinetry, fixtures, skirts, and CD and MP3 players. This warranty covers the cost of replacement parts, minus shipping.

The GO 632 Leisure spa comes in two models: the non-convertible 220 volt and the two-person version. The GO 630 features 31 hydrotherapy jets and a lounger for relaxing. The GO 632 has an open seating area for up to seven people and a two-person hot tub. Its dimensions are eighty-six inches by sixty-six inches by 34 inches.

GO SPAs feature high-quality construction and exceptional craftsmanship. The world-renowned acrylic surface of the GO 632 Leisure spa is made with Lucite(tm). Additionally, the pressure-treated wood substructure is maintenance-friendly and sturdy. And the heavy-duty thermo cover ensures years of enjoyment. The GO 632 Leisure spa can also be installed on any level of a home. If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, it is important to consider the type of groundwater.


The GL616 Leisure spa is one of the most popular models in the LeisureTime Warehouse. It is a retail store with locations in Columbus, Dayton, Buffalo, and Cleveland, Ohio. This retailer carries a wide variety of hot tubs and swim spas, including Michael Phelps Swim Spas. You can also find parts and accessories for the GL616 Leisure spa on their website. These hot tubs and swim spas are a great way to relax after a long day at work or school.

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