Banknote Sorting Machines

Banknote Sorting Machines

Banknote sorting machine

When you want to count money, a banknote sorting machine can be of great assistance. These machines can count stacked stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. A currency counter can be mechanical or electronic, and usually provides a total count of all money, or a specific number of pieces for wrapping or storage. Here are some examples of the types of currency sorting machines. This article will highlight the pros and cons of each type.

Cobra(r) sorter

With a number of versatile options to meet your specific sorting needs, a Cobra(r) banknote sorting system is sure to suit your needs. These compact and versatile machines combine high performance and cost-efficiency with a simple and intuitive user interface. The ProNote(r) 1.5 uses cutting-edge sensor technology to meet the most demanding sorting requirements. The compact design and high-level performance make this machine an excellent choice for smaller to medium cash centers. Alternatively, the BPS(r) A1 is an excellent choice for retail and public transportation authorities with large cash volumes.

The Cobra system is capable of processing up to 12 notes per second and is suitable for processing poor quality notes. The Cobra system also boasts an impressive maximum feeder capacity of 2000 notes. With its advanced sensor technology and open architecture, the Cobra(r) sorter offers high levels of detection accuracy and operational security. The Cobra is also designed to be available for 24 hour operation and is a sound investment.

A banknote sorting machine can improve the efficiency of cash handling and increase the security of your business. These machines can process mixed denominations of cash and sort bills according to their fitness and orientation. They save staff time and allow them to focus on customer service and cleaning. They can also reduce labour costs. These machines are an ideal choice for industries that deal with a large volume of cash and need to ensure security.


The Nsignia banknote sorting machine helps you efficiently manage cash. It sorts bills according to denomination, orientation and fitness. The machine can also help you save time as you no longer have to sort bills manually. These machines can be used in industries that handle high volumes of cash. They can improve security by sorting bills efficiently. Read on to learn more about these machines. And get a free quote today!

The BPS(r) C3-4 is a compact and robust banknote sorter with four output stackers and two reject pockets. It is capable of fast sorting large volumes of cash. It is designed for small to medium-sized cash centers and back offices of large bank branches. This high-performing machine features compact design and excellent usability. It can also handle high-volume banknotes. If you are interested in buying a banknote sorting machine, you should take a look at the Nsignia BPS(r) C3-4.

The compact and scalable systems of the ProNote(r) 300 and 130 banknote sorting machines feature intuitive design and condensed power. The ProNote(r) 1.5 combines cutting-edge sensor technology with intuitive functionality to meet the stringent requirements of public transport and retail. Its high accuracy and long life cycle make the Nsignia banknote sorting machine a valuable investment for any business or institution.

ProNote(r) 130

The MBO Systems ProNote(r) 130 banknote processing machine is designed to meet current user needs and is the most compact machine of its kind. This machine has an easy-to-use LCD display, a programmable user interface, and a compact footprint. It meets all requirements for the retail industry. Listed below are the main features of the machine. These features make it the best banknote sorting machine available in the market.

The ProNote(r) 130 banknote processing machine is equipped with an advanced counting function. It is capable of validating both the UV and magnetic properties of processed banknotes. The machine also has the ability to identify the value of pre-sorted banknotes, allowing for more accurate counting and sorting. The machine is highly versatile and is priced competitively. You can choose from a range of configurations to match your needs.

During counting, BankNotes are automatically ejected from the hopper. To prevent a false count, the hopper must be level and smooth. Note that BankNotes must be evenly centered in the hopper to prevent the counting process from being affected. Foreign objects that get inside the hopper can damage the sensor. A clean hopper ensures a consistent quality of counting.

The Ntegra-TS Plus and Ntegra-TS Pro are both highly reliable desktop solutions. They process up to 1,200 notes per minute and meet different legislative standards. For a low-cost solution, the Ntegra-TS Plus and Ntegra-TS Pro banknote sorting machines feature dual user operations and expanded memory. These machines also have additional connectivity options and dual user operations.

Safescan 2210-S

If you’re looking for a banknote sorting machine, the Safescan 2250 is one of the top sellers. It checks the features of banknotes to identify them and stop the machine if it detects a counterfeit banknote. The advanced control system prevents any kind of counterfeit from getting past the machine. There’s also a warning system to let you know when the machine has detected a fake.

The FastSafescan 2210 banknote counter is a fast and accurate money-counting machine that eliminates the possibility of human error. Its back-loading hopper holds up to 300 banknotes and can count up to 1000 notes per minute. It also checks each banknote for security characteristics such as UV markings, size, and type. It pauses when it detects a suspicious note, which eliminates the possibility of human error.

Moreover, it is easy to use. The machine has a color LCD screen that indicates the number of notes that have been scanned. It also has a warning system that stops the machine when it detects a fake banknote. These features make the Safescan 2250 the ideal money-counting machine for any business. The Safescan 2210-S banknote sorting machine is the most trusted and reliable option available in the market today.


Despite its compact size, the Ntegra banknote sorting machine can be deployed at any size of organisation. Its user-friendly design is backed by a large colour LCD display and a Windows CE-based graphics user interface. It can also be operated in multiple languages. The Ntegra is available in a variety of configurations, ensuring that it suits the needs of any financial institution.

Its compact form factor allows for easy transport and storage. The NTEGRA Compact banknote sorting machine is highly reliable and portable, and features a wide range of detection technologies. It can perform both manual cash counting and sorting, so it can be used in a wide range of applications. The Ntegra Compact weighs only 8 kg, making it ideal for spaces with limited space. It can be set up to accommodate any number of users and is fully functional even in tight spaces.

In addition to the Ntegra, Talalaris’ Nsignia multi-currency desktop banknote sorting machine is also capable of handling currency types. It offers three-way sorting and features three output pockets. Its rejects can be removed for further examination. With its three-way sorting capability, the Nsignia is perfect for the sorting of a wide range of notes. In addition, it can deal with contaminants such as dirt, stains, and inkwear.

The Glory Ntegra Pro banknote counter comes with a built-in printer for printing transaction data and serial numbers. Its compact size makes it ideal for a desktop processing environment. Its advanced functionality includes multi-currency processing, multiple currencies, and improved soil/stain/graffiti detection. The Ntegra has a large colour LCD and an intuitive user interface. If your business is in the finance industry, the Ntegra banknote sorting machine is an excellent choice.

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