Non-Metal Laser Cutting and Engraving

Nonmetal laser cutting and engraving

The CO2 laser, a high-intensity beam of light, is a common type of laser used for non-metallic materials. It has a wide range of applications, and can be controlled to cut a variety of materials, including wood. The CO2 laser is available in various colors, and is adjustable in power. In addition to cutting non-metallic materials, CO2 lasers can be used to engrave and cut metal and plastic items.

CO2 laser is a high-intensity beam of light

This type of laser has a wide application range. Its beam is capable of cutting a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, and wood. The power output of a CO2 laser depends on the material it’s cutting. The higher the power, the wider the cutting range. For metals, a higher-power laser is necessary for more precision. A high-power laser is also necessary for metal cutting.

It is used for cutting non-metallic materials

In laser cutting and engraving, the high-energy beam passes through mirrors and material. The focused spot is smaller than a fraction of a millimeter, and the laser system controls the intensity, length, and heat output of the beam. Lasers are able to penetrate materials and produce a sharp edge, and the laser beams are manipulated to cut the material exactly the way you want it. The laser is moved through a computerized numerical control system. If the material is too hard to cut, the computer program can move the laser head accordingly.

It is available in various colors

Unlike YAG diode marking machines, which are only effective on metal, is available for a wide range of materials. They are easy to use and require less adjustments than the YAG laser marking machine. Moreover, they can mark rotating items, as well as plastic, ceramic, and electroplating materials. However, these machines cannot cut non-metal materials like acrylic, wood, or plexiglass.

It has adjustable power

The Kohstar Laser Engraver Cutting Machine has adjustable features for a flexible tool head and a powerful laser for engraving or cutting. This machine is ideal for a professional workshop. The adjustable power and speed of the laser help you customize the cutting process according to your needs. In addition, the machine is portable. You can set its height and weight according to your needs. It can engrave acrylic, plastics, granite, PVC, and brick.

It is compatible with Autocad

The machine works with a wide range of Autocad models. This machine supports a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, and MDF. Its advanced features include a servo motor, a ball screw transmission rod, and a dynamic auto-focusing laser cutting head. Its advanced LCD touch screen allows users to monitor their work and adjust the focusing distance automatically.

It is a professional workhorse

The Pergear LaserStorm S5 is a great machine for laser cutting and engraving non-metals. This powerful machine can cut through most materials, including wood, leather, and plastic. Its high-speed galvanometer is great for engraving metals, too. It can also engrave on slate. This machine is a true professional workhorse for non-metal laser cutting and engraving.

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