What to Look For in a Beam Roll Forming Machine

What to Look For in a Beam Roll Forming Machine

Beam Roll Forming Machine

Before you invest in a Beam Roll Forming Machine, it’s important to know what to look for. A self-nesting machine, a self-falling down machine, and a machine that automatically nests C channel are all good qualities. But what exactly is the best option? How do you know which one will suit your needs best? Read on for some tips. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

C Post Beam Roll Forming Machine

A C Post Beam Roll Forming Machine uses long coils of metal to produce a single beam. It can produce beams up to 30 inches in length, and the thickness ranges from 0.012 to 0.2 inches. To start the process, the coils must be prepared. The diagram below shows the various steps in the process, from feeding the coils to cutoff and discharge at the end of the process.

Amongst the 216 c beam roll forming machine companies on ExportHub, there are 65 manufacturers and 43 exporters. Another 22 manufacturers and 54 suppliers are listed on the site, and there are also 13 retailers and 6 Buying Houses. Of the 216 companies listed on the site, three are paid members of the site. Recently, 179 buyers and suppliers have been connected with one another by the ExportHub Buyer Consultant Team.

A c post beam is used in manufacturing machinery, vehicles, and buildings. The structural channel includes flanges on both sides, and holes along the web. These holes allow mounting signs with bolts. A C Post Beam Roll Forming Machine typically comes with a hydraulic decoiler and a travel cart, an output table, and an electrical control cabinet. The PLC is responsible for controlling the various functions of the machine.

Another machine available for forming purlins is the MC50-250 C/U ROLL FORMING MACHINE. It is commonly used in the steel structure industry. It produces CU steel that is used for the support beams of factories and housing. The MC50-250 has two cutting systems: a pre-shear before forming and hydraulic cutting after the roll forming part. It has a minimum size range of 50-70mm, and is especially suitable for solar mounting.

C Channel Self Falling Down

A C Channel Self Falling Down beam rollforming machines is a single coil rebar forming unit that can produce different specifications of C-shaped products. The main components of this machine are passive feeding rack, feed introduction platform, leveling device, punching device, hydraulic station, and computer control cabinet. It adopts automatic flying saw punching for C channel. The process of C channel roll forming is quite simple and does not require any manual work.

There are various types of metal channels. These are made of aluminum, various grades of stainless steel, and carbon steel. Depending on the intended function, you can select a specific metal for your C Channel Self Falling Down beam. For heavy load conditions, choose a heavier metal. Light metals are typically used for secondary cross supports and shelf supports. Steel is widely used for rafters and building studs.

Metal channel roll formed parts usually need special custom patterns and holes. Before beginning the process, CAD data is downloaded from a CAD program. The metal strip is pre-processed before entering the first pass. This ensures a straight and square entry into the first pass. The number of passes varies depending on the complexity of the metal channel. The final product will undergo several passes to achieve its desired shape.

Self Nesting

A Self Nesting on Beam Roll Form Machine has a unique design that helps produce shelf panels and box beams without sacrificing quality. In one configuration, two banks of separately driven work rollers are journaled at their opposite ends, each with gibs to permit movement. The work rollers 20 in the upper bank are spaced to nest between pairs of lower work rolls 28 in the lower bank. The self-nesting feature provides a tighter fit for the work rolls, which is crucial to the quality of the end result.

A Self Nesting on Beam Roll Form Machine also offers advanced in-line capabilities such as the addition of punched features and embossings. This process allows you to eliminate multiple-stage operations, excessive scrap, and slitting burrs. This feature is vital for a successful roll forming operation, and it allows you to produce high-quality parts in a small volume. Its high-speed capabilities also make it a cost-effective choice for small runs.

Self Turning Over

A self-turning over beam roll form machine is designed to automatically change profiles, enabling the production of special U-beams with varied sections. This machine is highly flexible and costs less than its conventional counterparts. It can form beams up to 15 metres in length. Its versatility allows it to be adapted to many different applications, which saves costs and time. In addition, a self-turning over beam roll form machine is a low-cost investment that meets urgent requirements.

The design of a Self-Turning Over beam roll form machine is quite complex. There are over 100 fixed and dynamic axes in the machine, each with a different function. They move independently of one another with the help of servomotors. A control software was developed for each axis and followed the strip’s progress within the machine. The machine has been designed to meet the needs of many different industries, including the automotive industry.

This machine allows for advanced in-line addition of embossings and punched features. It also eliminates multiple-stage operations, excessive scrap, and slitting burrs. The Self Turning Over beam roll form machine also has a low cost of ownership and is easy to operate. All these factors make this machine a cost-effective and efficient choice for your company. The benefits of a Self-Turning Over Beam Roll Form Machine are too numerous to ignore.

A Self-Turning Over Beam Roll Form Machine is a highly versatile machine that produces complex cross sections of any material. It doesn’t require heating and can reduce energy costs. Roll forming is capable of producing parts for any industry and has a low lead time. Each situation is unique, and no two applications are alike. But with the right Self-Turning Over Beam Roll Form Machine, you can produce almost any metal product.

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