Storage and Shelving Forming Machines

Storage and Shelving Forming Machines

Storage and shelving Forming Machine

This Storage and shelving Forming Machine is fully automatic and continuously producing various sizes. This machine can be configured to punch and bend over in line, and it can be operated at a fast or slow speed. The machine’s main motor is an inverter-controlled AC motor. It is able to change the speed from a very slow one to a fast one. The machine’s end-of-line bending-over and cut-off devices enable the length of the products to be adjusted to + or -1mm.

Single slot channel roll forming machine

This machine specializes in manufacturing slotted channels in the width of 41mm, with standard slots of 14mm. Its advanced automation program ensures high-quality products and maximizes cost-efficiency. The machine’s high-strength channel steel frame and roll shaft have long service life. The molding die is made of high-quality GCr15 steel with HB280 hardness after quenching and tempering treatment. The transmission is by gearbox or chain.

The machine’s unique design enables it to meet the needs of various storage and shelving applications. The shelving unit is assembled tightly once it is tapped, providing a tight, secure fit. It is a great solution for shelving needs in retail, office, and industrial applications. It can be customized according to load requirements and is also easy to use, thanks to its servo feeder driving technology. Once the machine is set, it produces shelves in less than 10 minutes.

Metal channels can be made from a variety of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, and various grades of stainless steel. The material selection depends on the intended function. Heavy-duty metals are generally better suited for shelving and secondary cross supports, while lighter metals are used for supporting shelves and secondary cross-beams. Steel, on the other hand, is widely used in building studs and rafters.

The U-shaped metal channels are produced by forming two right angles on flat metal. They can be long and slim, flat, or round. They can also have different widths. Various types of U-shaped channels are available, each with different purposes. One of the most common uses is to use in shelving. The U-shaped channels are ideal for holding books, crates, and other types of items.

Upright roll forming machine

The Upright Roll Forming Machine is a versatile piece of equipment that produces the beam, panels, and racks of storage shelves. This equipment features a hydraulic cylinder driven punching die, automatic length measurement, and auto shut-off. It features 18 stations and is equipped with a roller to smoothen the surface profile. The side panels are made of A3 steel and T.18 mm steel. Its motor power is 7.5 kW and its main roller is 45# H type. The price of this machine is very affordable and competitive with its high-quality output.

Upright Roll Forming Machines are widely used in storage rack upright production. In this process, steel sheet material is leveled, perforated, and continuously rolled. After forming, it is automatically cut to the required length. Its high production efficiency and stable performance are ensured by the use of CNC machine tools. The punch frame is stress-relieved. The machine is capable of manufacturing both vertical and horizontal storage racks.

The Upright Roll Forming Machine uses high-quality, double-edged steel rollers. The material is vacuum-heated and two-tempered. The reference diameter is ph110. The driving and operating sides are fitted with two sets of 30208 tapered roller bearings. The main motor is Jiangmen Jiangsheng Motor. The forming machine is easy to operate and features low noise and high efficiency.

Upright Roll Forming Machines are used to produce square upright racks for use in warehouses and other vertical storage environments. They can be manually operated, automated, or stand-alone. They can produce light, medium, or heavy storage racks. In addition to pallet racking, it is suitable for storage of general goods and can be easily converted into shelving units. Aside from being highly versatile, it also reduces material waste.

Shelf beam roll forming machine

A Shelf beam roll forming machine is used to produce storage rack shelves and other types of shelving for different applications. This machine consists of various components including a decoiler, a cutting device, a run-off table and a control system. This type of shelving is used in a wide range of industries, including storage, shelving and furniture. These products are durable, affordable, and flexible in terms of configuration.

The forming machine adopts advanced technologies, including high-range intelligent control and a programmable PLC for adjusting speed and length. The cutting-blade is made of Cr12 and is fitted with a tracking system. These shelf beam roll forming machines can produce different types of storage rack shelf units and can be easily integrated with automated production equipment to save on labor costs. The machine features a wide range of specialized components to make the shelving process a hassle-free process for users.

This shelving machine is capable of forming any type of pallet stud, upright shelf, or rack shelf, and can even create metal frames. It is equipped with an automatic positioning system and features such as a punching die driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The machine has a ‘rub-roll’ and a main roller of C65mm (45# H type).

The automation and flexibility of this shelving and racking system roll forming machine is unmatched in its capacity. With only one or two operators required to operate the entire process, it is possible to produce different sizes of shelving and racking units with just a single machine. This reduces both labor and material costs, and saves working space. This means less manpower and more money for the user. Storage and racking equipment roll forming machines are a great investment in your business.

Shelf panel roll forming machine

The Dallan system for shelves and panels includes all the required stages of the panel forming process. The Dallan DUPLEX roll forming machine and the PXN parametric punching machine can both produce panels with various widths and shape the edges according to the end application. The Dallan COMBI system enables quick changeovers of the panels without sacrificing quality. The uprights of Dallan shelving systems are equipped with holes that are regularly spaced.

The shelf panel roll forming machine has several components, including a de-coiler, the main forming machine, the straightening part, the cutting device and the electrical control system. The forming frame is made of high strength channel steel to ensure a long service life. The roll shaft is made of 40Cr, which has a hardness of HB280 after quenching and tempering. The molding die is made of GCr15 with a hardness of HRC 56-62 degrees. The transmission system is either a gearbox or chain.

The benefits of using a shelf panel roll forming machine for shelving are numerous. It uses less energy, ensures lower waste of raw materials and is flexible. The process is also time and labor-saving and does not require the pre-heating of the metal coil. It can also work under the varying temperature of the shelving area. As a result, the machine can produce shelving panels of any size and material.

Shelving panel roll forming equipments are highly versatile. They can produce shelf profiles, heavy duty racking, and racking for home and office use. The Rack Cold Roll Forming Machines for Shelving provide the most rigid profiles for high-grade shelving and other profiles. The company provides customers with cost-effective solutions for storage needs, including concept development, supply, installation and ongoing service. You can benefit from the expertise of our staff members.

Shelf beam roll forming line

The shelf beam roll forming line can automatically produce various shelf profiles and sizes for shelves and storage racks. This equipment combines numerical control, cold roll forming, folding process, and discharging and leveling functions. This equipment saves labor and improves the efficiency of the production process. It can also be configured for in-line punching and bending-over. It has a large range of intelligent control and adopts a steel channel forming frame and a roll shaft made of 40Cr, which has hardness of HB280 after quenching.

This shelf beam roll forming line has an auto-flow production function and optional cutter. It is designed to produce various storage rack shelf units with minimal space. It can be operated by a single operator. Its features include high precision, good quality appearance, low production assistance time, stable and easy operation. Once installed, it can be used to produce shelves, racks, and other products. It can reach up to 20m in height.

The shelf beam roll forming machine is comprised of a de-coiler, main forming machine, straightening part, cutting device, and an electrical control system. The machine is capable of producing different sizes and configurations. It also comes with an automatic length measurement and positioning feature. The T-post shelving is widely used in various industries because of its reliable quality and low cost. The shelves and racks can be assembled in various configurations for different purposes, such as in warehouses, stores, and factories.

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