Pros And Cons Of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are indeed a crucial part of our lives. Look around you; they are everywhere around you. Plastic bags must be there in the market, at different shops, and even in your home. They are available as packaging bags or sometimes for storing purposes.

Polybags are among the most common applications for poly sheeting. They may be used for a variety of things, including food packaging, tiny components, and construction materials.

Everything can be stored in plastic bags. From tiny to huge stuff, plastic bags are suitable for every size. They come in different sizes, degrees of transparency, and colors. Other sizes are ideal for different stuff.

Plastic bags are far more long-lasting than paper ones. They are less likely to rip, are simpler to transport, and are significantly more helpful in inclement weather. Plastic bags may be reused as garbage liners, storage bags, or for dog waste collection. Unlike paper bags, plastic bags have a longer lifespan and may be reused.

Plastic bags do have some environmental advantages too. Plastic bag production uses only 4% of the water required for paper bag production. Plastic bag manufacturing emits 70% less pollution than paper bag manufacturing. One ounce of plastic requires 91% less energy to recycle than one pound of paper.

Plastic bags are cheap, convenient to use, lightweight, have variety in terms of usage, are durable, and a hygiene packaging material.

Plastic bags give more benefits to humans than harm. It has a more significant number of pros than cons. The only con plastic bags have is that plastic bags are highly non-biodegradable and take a long time to break down; they are incredibly harmful to the environment. 

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