Acrylic panel is a one-component material.

Today, everywhere you can hear all kinds of phrases associated with the word acrylic, acrylic. And first of all, it is associated with something safe, environmentally friendly product. This term has not been bypassed in the construction industry. Acrylic paints, acrylic bathtubs, acrylic decorative elements, etc. And of course, acrylic panal. Let’s talk about it today, what are, where and how they are used.

What is acrylic panal?

First of all, it is a one- or multi-component paste-like or viscous-flowing consistency based on polymers or oligomers, after vulcanization of which a rubber-like (elastic) material is formed, which is applied to seal and waterproof various seams and joints to prevent the negative impact of the environment on those or other objects.

Acrylic panel is a one-component material. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out any manipulations with it to use it. We open the bucket, file-package or cartridge and you can start sealing. 

Advantages of acrylic panels

  • Are applied both to external, so to internal works. Both before and after vulcanization, the composition does not pose a threat to humans and animals.
  • Weatherproof. Withstand a wide temperature range of operation – from -40°c to +70°c and the negative impact of the environment.
  • Resistant to uv radiation.
  • Has excellent adhesion to most building materials, with the exception of glass and plastic. Adhesion to them is relatively low;
  • Acrylic-based panels are easy to repair. Damage during the operation of the seams can be repaired with the same composition.
  • Acrylic panels adhere not only to previously applied acrylic panels, but also to most others, except for silicone.
  • This material can be tinted on its own or painted on the already vulcanized panel on the joint with most paints, preferably water based. Tinting and painting significantly expand the scope. But it is better to buy a composition tinted by the manufacturer, thereby reducing the risk of losing its quality.

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