Types Of Bags You Should Know

In this article, we will discuss some types of bags that you should know. We all use bags but we never take interest in knowing the bag which we use in our everyday life. No worries, we got you. Read on to know the various varieties of bags through this post. 

The most preferred bags due to their durability and less cost are plastic bags. However, plastic bags are further divided into various categories. The most preferred bags in this category are nylon bags

  • Nylon bags:

Nylon is a synthetic fiber, with a silky and soft texture. Nylon bags are lightweight plastic bags that are used for different purposes. In Nigeria, polyethylene bags are known as nylon bags.

Where nylon bags are used?

Because of their soft texture, they are used in outdoor gear like camping tents, outdoor shade cloths, umbrellas, attires, bags, ropes, parachutes, and more. 

  • Polypropylene bag:

They are bags that are made from a synthetic plastic polymer known as polypropylene. Polypropylene is the most used for industrial applications and for some carrying goods. After nylon bags, they are the most used bags because they are transparent, flexible, and strong.

Where polypropylene bags are used?

They are mostly used for storage purposes. You may have seen or used transparent bags for carrying things or food from restaurants, grocery stores, farms, etc.

  • Woven bags:

They are bags that are usually prepared with fabrics that are woven together. The woven fabric gives real strength to the bag.

Where woven bags are used?

They are generally used for the transportation of agricultural products from one place to another. You may have seen large woven bags in which wheat, corn, barley, and rice are stored. Furthermore, they are also used for storing fertilizers and pesticides. 

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