Is open roof structure roof being ideal for wide open café?

Is open roof structure roof being ideal for wide open café?

False ceiling

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From the designer’s distinctive development, the wide open cell roof roof pauses the regular light weight aluminum grille strategy and develops a mixture grille that is certainly less complicated for servicing and installing. The combo grid blends the normal bone grid using the extra bone tissue grid. The grid mixture ceiling could be readily along with gear like as lighting effects, air vents, air conditioner, and spraying due to a flexible type of set up method, rendering it easy to preserve and substitute the above equipment needlessly distinct instruments for set up and routine maintenance. disassembly. Suited to use within pubs, organization structures, management buildings, international airports, metro stations, and the like.

By way of fashionable development, the open mobile phone roof unit splits the standard thought, adopts the composite ceiling, and is also specific in the common grid, attractive and generous, with a potent three-dimensional influence. This machine produces celling while maintaining a clear framework. Because the grille is translucent, lighting effects, air-con solutions, and firefighting device could be attached to the ceiling. The grille is not difficult to put in and may be disassembled and reassembled as needed without having to use unique products, so that it is ideal for restoration and routine maintenance.

Setting up available ceiling

Setting up this ceiling is fairly easy, because this is a grid structure that easy to deal with, but you must remember some crucial steps to setup a wonderful ceiling

Use major carrier rod

Main carrier clip

Suspension rod to harmony grid framework

Ceiling company clip

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