How to charge properly Xiaomi battery

How to charge properly Xiaomi battery

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Xiaomi battery all depends on a thing that how we use it. It is important to note that the battery will drain faster if you use it in the following described ways given below.

Phone is on vibration, and vibration drain the battery.

Stay in a place with weak radio waves for a long time

You have installed an application that consumes a lot of power.

Frequent use of lights

The brightness of the LCD screen is increased.

When Xiaomi battery the charge reaches zero, the battery deteriorates faster. Especially when you are out, take the following measures before the battery drains completely.

Carry a mobile battery when you plan to go out for a long time

When going out by car, charge using the cigar socket or USB port.

If you do not own proper charger, use a charging station at a mobile phone shop or home electronics retail store.

If the smartphone contain Xiaomi battery and you use it while charging, it will put a load onto Xiaomi battery and make it easier to heat up. Please refrain from doing so as it may cause the battery to deteriorate.

Frequent charging also accelerates battery deterioration. By repeating charging, the function of passing the current of Xiaomi lithium-ion battery gradually weakens, and the amount of electricity that can be stored decreases. This is called “cycle deterioration”.

You need to recharge Xiaomi battery properly to prevent it from running out of battery power, but don’t charge it more often than necessary.

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