Motorola Portable Two-Way Radios


Motorola Portable Two-Way Radios

Motorola portable two-way radios are a popular choice for businesses. They provide clear and reliable communication with exceptional range. UL rated intrinsically safe models are available for hazardous environments.

The workhorse Motorola MOTOTRBO R2 portable two-way radio is simple to operate and has great ergonomics. It supports both analog and digital transmission allowing your business to transition at its own pace.


The Motorola R7 Two-Way Radio has a number of features that makes it stand out from other radios. Its powerful new speaker reaches up to 102 decibels – four times louder than a normal conversation, making it easy to hear even in noisy environments. Its durable design withstands Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing to ensure that it can hold up to years of use. And it’s the first two-way radio on the market that is chemical resistant – perfect for workplaces such as hospitals.

Other key features include a channel rocker button that allows you to easily switch between analog and digital operation, a battery status indicator and a built-in vibration alert to help keep you on task. Its slim and light design offers comfortable ergonomics and convenient carry options. It also supports TDMA DMR digital operation that doubles the capacity of your radio channels.

When purchasing a two-way radio it is important to consider the manufacturer, features, and warranty. Motorola and Kenwood are the top manufactures of professional two-way radios. They both offer a variety of models for varying budgets. The most expensive models typically come with more advanced features such as a programmable display and more options for customization.

Amerizon provides demonstration kits for customers to test the range, clarity and battery life of Motorola portable two-way radios. Contact us today to request yours!


Motorola CP100d Digital Two Way Radios are built to last. This radio can withstand being dropped on concrete and is water resistant. It is also equipped with a full keypad to MOTOROLA PORTABLE TWO-WAY RADIO control gate or valve closures via DTMF codes. It has up to 4 watts of power (UHF) or 5 watts of power (VHF) and provides crystal clear audio with a noise cancellation feature. Its long-lasting battery allows you to work all day on one charge.

Streamline your operation with MOTOTRBO digital portable radios that offer advanced features to improve productivity and enhance safety. With crystal-clear voice communication, high-performance integrated data and MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Services, these handheld radios help you remaster on-site communications.

The MOTOTRBO SL300 Portable Radio combines an ultra slim design with rugged portability to keep you and your team productive. This commercial tier radio offers analog and digital operations, giving you the flexibility to migrate to MOTOTRBO digital technology at your own pace.

This radio can withstand being dropped on concrete, is water resistant and has an IP55 rating for dust protection. It has a keypad to control gate or valve closures using DTMF coded signaling and offers up to 26.5 hours of battery life in digital mode. Its noise cancelling feature helps eliminate background noise, allowing you to hear your employees clearly and efficiently.


Motorola’s two-way radios deliver exceptional audio and durability, making them perfect for use in the field. The Motorola CP100d Digital Radio offers a number of advanced performance options, and is backed by a five-year warranty. It is available in both two way radio manufacturer analog and digital models and is a popular choice for businesses looking for reliable push-to-talk communication.

Exceptional Range

Motorola radios operate in the VHF or UHF frequency bands and can be used to connect people and equipment across large distances. UHF has less spacing between the radio waves and can penetrate walls, structures, and obstacles better than VHF, which is ideal for open, outdoor environments.

Long Battery Life

Motorola radio devices feature an impressive battery lifespan — the CP100d digital radio has up to 26.5 hours of battery power in digital mode. The CP100d is also the first chemical resistant Motorola radio, offering protection from harsh chemicals, making it a great option for workers in the healthcare industry.

Motorola two-way radio accessories help you work safer, smarter and more efficiently. These accessories are designed, built and tested to meet the needs of your workplace. They’re compatible with both analog and MOTOTRBO radios and provide excellent audio quality, great coverage and a long battery life. We also offer Motorola repeaters, gateways and other critical infrastructure components to support your radio network.


Motorola Solutions two-way radios feature a standard two-year warranty, which covers manufacturer defects. The Motorola Solutions Essential Services package extends this warranty to five years for hardware repair on devices and infrastructure.

These warranties are important because radios are complex pieces of equipment that can be difficult to understand and operate if they don’t come with clear instructions. Motorola Solutions’ handhelds and mobiles are designed to be user-friendly, so you can quickly find the channels you need, switch between analog and digital modes, and adjust settings.

A good battery is critical for your radio’s performance and longevity. It’s also an important safety factor because outdated batteries may leak or even explode, which can create a significant hazard for your team. Fortunately, determining the date of manufacture for your radio’s battery is simple.

When comparing the cost of Motorola solutions two-way radios to other brands, you’ll notice that these devices are more durable and include features that improve worker safety. Additionally, Motorola took feedback from their customers to design the best-in-class radios on the market. The R7 portable radio, for example, is chemical resistant and has superior audio quality that makes it easy to hear dispatch and your team. The slim, ergonomic design of this device is easier to hold and allows for a comfortable grip in harsh environments.

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