The Motorola Radio Walkie Talkie

motorola radio walkie talkie

The Motorola Radio Walkie Talkie

The Motorola radio walkie talkie is a great way to communicate with others on the go. It is lightweight, compact and rugged enough to withstand the terrain. It also meets military standards for durability and waterproofness.

It is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, with features like NOAA weather alerts and a VOX voice activation system. It can also work with accessories that are compatible with Motorola radios.


Motorola walkie talkies have a long battery life and can be used in multiple ways. They use mini-USB, which means you can plug them in to recharge them, or they can run off of three AA batteries for backup. This is especially useful if you are camping or hiking, or if you’re going to be using the radios in an emergency.

The radios also feature a number of audio enhancement functions that help make them stand out from other walkie-talkies. For example, their noise cancellation technology allows them to reduce external interference and deliver high-quality voice communication even in noisy environments. The radios can also adjust the voice level to ensure the speaker’s voice is heard clearly.

These Motorola two-way radios are great for family vacations, resorts and amusement parks. They have a two-mile range and are durable enough to take motorola radio walkie talkie a beating from kids on the playground. They also have a built-in flashlight, so they can be used at night or in an emergency.

They also have a clear LCD display that helps you stay informed of bandwidth and battery status. Other features include channel scanning, talk confirmation tone or Roger beep, and NOAA weather alerts. These features make them an excellent choice for schools, houses of worship, and assembly-type businesses.

If you’re looking for a powerful two-way radio, consider the Motorola WAVE TLK 100. This device combines the crystal-clear communication of a traditional walkie-talkie with the nationwide coverage of a cellular network. This combination will enable your team to communicate with ease, no matter the location.


Whether you’re hiking, camping, hunting or jet skiing, Motorola Solutions’ portable radios are ideal for outdoor adventures and family fun. They offer superior range and quality, are lightweight and compact, and feature a durable exterior. The radios also include the TALKABOUT app, which links your walkie talkies to your phone and lets you share texts, locations and more. They are the best portable two-way radios for sports and outdoors enthusiasts.

The Cobra ACXT325 is a great choice for families looking for an affordable, easy-to-use walkie talkie. It uses standard Family Radio Service/General Mobile Radio Service (FRS/GMRS) communication protocols and is compatible with other FRS radios. It has a 2 mile range, is extremely lightweight (5 ounces) and comes with a rugged carrying case.

Motorola’s SRX560R is another good option for families who want a reliable walkie talkie. It has a 2 mile range and offers crystal-clear transmissions in short, unobstructed distances. It performed well in our water resistance test, too, and floats and flashes its light when it’s submerged.

The SRX560R is also compatible with Motorola federal government radios, which are designed to maximize agency communication and help protect the safety of citizens. They’re ideal for schools, houses of worship, and assembly-type businesses. The radios use the 900 MHz band, which is shared by millions of consumer walkie-talkies but they stay on one frequency for 90 milliseconds so other users cannot eavesdrop on your conversations.

Battery life

Choosing the right battery for your walkie talkie is essential to ensuring its longevity. Choosing a high-quality battery will not only give you longer operating time, but it will also be safer and more reliable. It is also important to follow proper charging practices so that you can get the most out of your walkie talkie battery life.

One of the best walkie talkies to buy for a business is the Motorola CLS1410. This two-way radio has a 4-channel design and offers crisp, clear communication in a compact, lightweight durable package. It is suitable for businesses such as retail, restaurants, schools, churches, and travel centers.

If you want to extend the battery life of your walkie motorola dm1400 talkie, consider a charger that comes with a micro USB port and a removable power cord. This charger will allow you to recharge the walkie talkie while it is in use, which will extend its battery life by up to four hours.

It is also a good idea to keep spare batteries on hand in case the original battery runs out of juice. A good rule of thumb is to charge a new battery overnight before using it. This will prevent the battery from “memorizing” and shortening its lifespan. Make sure that you don’t remove a new battery from the charger until it displays a steady green indication.


Two-way radios can be used to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues when you’re on an outdoor adventure. They can help you communicate in areas with limited or no cell phone service, and can be a fun way to reconnect with your kids. They also offer a sense of camaraderie and nostalgia.

Motorola’s TALKABOUT series of consumer walkie talkies is perfect for families who want to stay connected on the go. Simple and easy to use, they provide instant communications hands-free or at the push of a button. They have a rugged design and come with NOAA weather channels and alerts so you can be prepared for any situation.

These small, handheld Motorola two-way radios are a great choice for anyone who wants to use them on a hike or backpacking trip. They have crystal-clear transmissions up to their maximum line-of-sight range and do well in hilly landscapes. They’re also a good choice for boating or camping. However, you’ll need to be aware that some non-Motorola accessories might not fit well because the sockets have very tight clearance and are designed for Motorola mic/headsets.

The Motorolla T600 performed very well in our water resistance tests, meeting the manufacturer’s claim that it can spend thirty minutes underwater one meter deep (with all ports closed). It also floats and flashes when dropped, making it easier to find in case it gets lost.

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