Waterproof Splice Connectors

waterproof splice connectors

Waterproof Splice Connectors

Waterproof splice connectors are the perfect solution for splicing sprinkler or irrigation valve wires that will be exposed to water. These easy-to-install wire connectors are filled with waterproof silicone and come in a variety of gauges to work with any wiring job that needs protection from moisture or rain.

CoolSplice connectors offer industry proven reliability with an ease of termination. No special tooling required; simply push a common pair of pliers to the insulation displacement crimp contact.

Easy to Install

Waterproof connectors are a time-saving alternative to traditional soldering, heat shrink and mastics. Each connector is pre-filled with silicone gel and can be installed in just one step – simply insert the stripped wires and twist. The connector is then sealed in the protective housing, which also acts waterproof splice connectors as a dielectric barrier to protect the splice from corrosion. The connectors are insulated and color-coded for easy identification, and comply with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008 and SGS standards.

CoolSplice connectors are easy to terminate and can be used on both stranded or solid wire. The connectors feature an insulation displacement crimp contact that combines a set screw and a push button in a single device for a quick, reliable connection. They are suitable for splicing 22 AWG to 18 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 0.75 mm2) solid and stranded wire and the connection is visually confirmed through the clear sidewall of the connector.

The waterproof splice connector is great for underground sprinkler wire splicing, irrigation valve repairs and outdoor lighting jobs. The waterproof seal closes all entryways against moisture and corrosion. A double O-ring barricades the splice from water creeping in, and latches lock in place for safety. After the splice is complete, a layer of polyolefin adhesive-lined heat shrink is placed over the connector to ensure a tight, waterproof seal.


Whether your work is outdoors, on the water, or under ground, you need to know your connections will stay connected. Waterproof splice connectors are designed to keep the elements out, and the electrical connection secure and protected. They eliminate the need for time-consuming measures like tape, heat shrink or mastics. They’re also easy to use. Simply insert the wires, twist and the connector locks in place. Most are pre-filled with silicone gel for a quick, one-step installation.

You don’t have to be an expert to use a waterproof splice connector, either. Most models are compatible with a wide range of gauges and are easy to terminate. CoolSplice connectors, for example, feature a push button to terminate insulated wires and insulation displacement technology. They’re suitable for splicing 22 AWG to 18 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 0.75 mm2) solid and stranded wire. The push button is color coded for easy wire size matching and the reliability of the splice is visually confirmed through the clear sidewall.

Other models, like the Rain Bird BVS-1 and Blazing SnapLoc, are ideal for irrigation and sprinkler valve splices. They have a double O-ring seal to bar water from creeping in and latches that lock around the wires. A splice connector is also a great choice for repairs to trailers or other weather sensitive wires that may be exposed or submerged.

Easy to Terminate

CoolSplice connectors eliminate the need for special tooling as they utilize an insulation displacement crimp contact that allows one wire to be factory pre-terminated and the other in the field during installation. The connection is sealed with an outer sleeve of polyolefin adhesive lined quality 3:1 ratio heat shrink and color coded to ensure gauge compatibility. CoolSplice connectors are gelfilled and rated for use in water resistant environments, allowing them to be submerged at a depth of up to 6 feet.

Electrical splice connectors can be used to connect end wires in many wiring applications. The most common type of splice connector is the butt connector, which can be used to connect either stranded or solid wires in a side-by-side configuration. This type of connector is used most often in splicing electrical conductors in outdoor and other environmental applications where the connections need to be waterproof and durable.

Another popular type of splice connector is the solder seal connector. Solder seal M12 waterproof connector connectors are an excellent option for limited-space areas, as they don’t require crimping. They are filled with corrosion-resistant sealant at the factory to protect the splice from moisture and air.

When using these types of splice connectors, it’s important to make sure that all electricity is shut off at the source and that no electrical current is running through the wires. Next, you need to remove the old wire connector and clean the area around the splice area. Then, use a pair of pliers to push the insulated wires into the new butt connector. If the connector is stuck, try using a pair of vise grips to apply pressure, and then pull on the wires to loosen it.


Waterproof connectors create a seal against air and moisture, which protects wiring from the elements. These types of connectors can be found in outdoor systems, such as LED strip lighting or irrigation equipment. They can also be used in industrial applications, like testing labs or military environments.

A common waterproof connection is made with a rubber material, such as silicone. This rubber can be compressed against the surface of a panel or mating connector to form a waterproof seal. The silicone is often color-coded to provide easy identification and compliant with standards, such as RoHS and ISO 9001:2008.

Another type of waterproof connector is designed to encapsulate a raw copper wire connection and protect it from ground moisture. These waterproof connectors are typically filled with silicone, petroleum or grease to prevent corrosion on exposed wire ends. They can be inserted into a watertight conduit or buried underground to prevent the ingress of moisture.

Splice connectors are a great choice for above-ground connections that are susceptible to damp or wet conditions. These twist-on connectors are pre-filled with silicone sealant to prevent moisture and corrosion. They eliminate the need for time-consuming measures, such as tape, heat shrink or mastics. They are designed for a one-use connection and are not suitable for continuous submersion. Splice connectors are available from a variety of manufacturers, including Blazing, King Innovation and Paige Electric.

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