Waterproof Wago Connectors

waterproof wago connectors

Waterproof Wago Connectors

Moisture causes short circuits, which can lead to dangerous accidents. That’s why it is important to use a waterproof box.

The WAGO Gelbox combines with the 2273 series PUSH WIRE and 221 series COMPACT splicing connectors to provide excellent moisture protection. It is prefilled with Cellpack-brand gel and allows you to safely and quickly install electrical systems.


When it comes to electrical wiring, ensuring that the connections are waterproof is essential. Otherwise, moisture can cause a short circuit and potentially lead to fires or injuries. Waterproof wago connectors prevent this by encapsulating the used terminal block in gel, protecting it from water ingress.

Moisture can be introduced in a number of ways, including condensation, heavy rainfall or powerful water jets. waterproof wago connectors When this occurs, the current takes new paths within the junction box and may become damaged or cause a short circuit.

The WAGO Gelbox, which is used with the WAGO 221 and 2273 series splicing connectors, provides an optimal level of IPX8 protection for these connections. The box is pre-filled with gel, which seals the connection immediately. The gel used is a silicone-free gel from BBC Cellpack, and the entire system has been tested to VDE standards to guarantee its high degree of safety.

In addition to its IPX8 rating, the Gelbox also has many other benefits. It eliminates the need to mix potting compounds and saves time by providing the user with a ready-to-use solution that doesn’t require any further reworking or drying. Plus, it can be reopened for future upgrades, making it a practical and cost-effective alternative to standard electronics encapsulation. It also doesn’t permanently encapsulate the distribution box, which can free up space for other connections.


A loose electrical connection can quickly turn into a fire hazard. Not only will the loosened wire slow down current, it will also cause heat and friction that can eventually lead to a short circuit or arcing. This can be a very dangerous situation for both installers and customers alike. Using the right electrical connectors can make your installation much safer.

Waterproof wago connectors can be used to create tight electrical connections that are maintenance free and safe. These connectors come in a variety of micro sizes and styles to accommodate solid core and stranded cables and can be installed without the use of tools. Using these connectors will not only help you avoid electrical problems, but it will also reduce the amount of time and effort required to perform future repairs or alterations to your wiring.

WAGO’s Gelbox is a compact box pre-filled with silicone-free gel that provides IPX8 levels of moisture protection for multi-wire lever-nut connectors. It’s ideal for a wide range of low and extra-low voltage applications where there is a need to waterproof the junction boxes.


Waterproof wago connectors allow for quick and easy electrical connections. These connectors have a lever that opens a spring clamp inside the connector which establishes a secure and reliable electrical connection. This type of connection is suitable for many applications, including residential and commercial electrical wiring projects. It is also environmentally friendly, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses and homeowners.

Waterproof wago connectors are available in a range of sizes and are prefilled with gel, making installation fast and simple. These gels are also nonhazardous, which helps to reduce the risk of accidents. This gel is also much easier to use than conventional potting waterproof power connector compounds, which require mixing and waiting for them to dry. This means that you can install your electrical systems quickly and easily without any interruptions.

Another benefit of waterproof wago connectors is their durability and resilience. These connectors can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, making them a cost-effective option for industrial applications. They are also resistant to vibrations and other environmental factors. This makes them an ideal solution for transport, marine technology, and heavy industry. Unlike traditional wire connectors, these waterproof wago connectors have a transparent housing, which allows you to visually inspect the conductors and ensure that they are stripped correctly. Additionally, these connectors are compact, which helps to minimize space usage in junction boxes.


Waterproof wago connectors are a great choice for electrical installations in the UK. Unlike traditional junction boxes, they provide a more reliable and efficient way to connect copper wires. They also reduce the risk of corrosion and help maintain an effective electrical system in the long term. They also comply with the new BS EN 60670-22 junction box standard, making them a good option for commercial and residential projects.

These connectors feature an open top that allows users to use a voltage tester to test the connection and to ensure that it is working correctly. They are also easy to install. They can be screwed in place without the need for additional tools. They also have a transparent housing that makes it easier to see the wiring connections. These features make the PUSH WIRE WAGO connectors an excellent choice for any project.

The Gelbox is a waterproof junction box that provides protection at the connection points, rather than fully encapsulating the entire distribution box. It is designed for use with the WAGO 221 Series lever-nut wire splicing connectors and the WAGO 2273 Series compact splicing connectors. The Gelbox is IPX8-certified when used in combination with these products. The box is pre-filled with silicone-free gel and is available in six sizes. Each box has a terminal diagram that specifies a fixed assignment based on the connectors that will be installed in it.

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