Cartridge Filling Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

cartridge filling equipment

Cartridge Filling Equipment for the Cannabis Industry

Cartridge-filling machines are essential tools for a variety of industries that require precise dispensing of liquid and viscous products. They increase production output and ensure that the product meets specifications. They also help reduce the time and effort required for maintenance.

Cartridge filling equipment can be either manual or semi-automatic. The type of machine you choose will depend on your production needs and the size of your cartridges.


Cartridge filling equipment is a cartridge filling equipment crucial part of the manufacturing process, and it can help you produce high-quality products that meet your customers’ needs. It can reduce production time, save money, and improve efficiency by automating certain tasks. In addition, it can ensure consistency in the quality of your product.

The advantages of using a cartridge machine include its precise volume control and sealing mechanisms. These devices can be used to fill a variety of materials, including oil and e-liquids. They are also capable of measuring the temperature of a liquid to avoid overheating and clogging. The best part about these devices is that they can easily be cleaned and maintained to extend their lifespan.

Another advantage of a semi-automatic cartridge filling machine is that it is much easier to use than manual machines. Manual machines are complex to operate and can be difficult to assemble and disassemble, making them expensive and time-consuming to maintain. However, semi-automatic capsule fillers can be operated by simply pressing a few functional buttons. This simplifies the operation and makes them more affordable to purchase.

The best way to choose a cartridge machine is to understand your business’s specific needs. For example, if you’re producing a large quantity of cartridges per day, it may be more economical to invest in a larger capacity device that can handle a higher number of carts. In addition, you should consider how much space you have in your facility and the type of cartridges you are manufacturing.


Cartridge machines are essential for any manufacturing process that involves packaging liquids or other viscous products. These machines improve the quality and consistency of the production process, increase efficiency, and allow businesses to scale their capacity as needed. They also help manufacturers meet their customers’ specific demands and preferences.

Fully-automatic cartridge filling equipment is ideal for manufacturers who need to produce large volumes of high-quality cartridges. These machines can handle a variety of container sizes and types, including syringe-style oil cartridges. These devices typically come with a capping system, which helps prevent spills and other problems during the manufacturing process. Some models even include an auto-stop mechanism that is triggered when the cartridge has been filled to the desired level, mitigating the risk of overfilling.

Fully-automatic cartridge filling machines can process plastic, aluminum, or cardboard cartridges with or without a nozzle. They can also be equipped with a marking system and a plunger insertion unit. This type of machine is usually more expensive than a semi-automatic cartridge filling machine, but it offers better reliability and faster operating speed. It can also handle higher volumes of cartridges per minute than manual hardware, allowing manufacturers to boost their output and increase profits. Automated machines can run continuously without taking breaks, which helps reduce the risk of costly errors and downtime.


Convectium manufactures and distributes automated vape, POD and cartridge filling & capping equipment for the cannabis and CBD industry. Its products are designed and built in the U.S. and are UL-certified. The company is focused on helping its customers automate their workflow and get custom branded products onto dispensary shelves quickly.

Manual filling hardware typically consists of a syringe and a hot plate for heating the oil. A thermometer is also used to ensure the oil stays at the right temperature to avoid oxidation and other undesirable results. The syringe is then inserted into the cartridge and filled with the desired amount of oil. It is important to use a high-quality, industrial grade syringe to minimize the chance of contaminants entering the cartridge and affecting product quality.

Automatic filling machines can reduce the time it takes to produce a single cartridge by up to 60 times over manual processes. They also offer a more consistent product and reduce the potential for leakage or contamination. In addition, they can cap multiple cartridges at once, which increases production volume and saves time.

Using the most advanced hardware and software, the automated system can cap up to 2,000 cartridges per hour, while reducing labor costs and eliminating waste. The system can be adapted cartridge filling equipment to accommodate any type of cartridge, including pre-filled, empty and refillable cartridges. It can also be fitted with a variety of press-on or screw-on caps.


A new line of machines that infuses pre-rolled joints with cannabis oils and concentrates is now available from Thompson Duke Industrial. The Big JIM (Joint Infusion Machine) can be attached to an existing MCF1 or SVH semi-automatic filling machine and is designed to produce 1000 cartridges per hour. The machine is easy to set up and operate and requires only 120V power for operation. It also offers the ability to switch between oil formulas in less than one minute and can be cleaned with no loss of product.

The IZRC is the latest in Thompson Duke Industrial’s patented, cETLus Certified and GMP-ready cartridge filling machine series. It is designed to streamline large-scale industrial cartridge filling operations by providing precisely controlled automation. It can fill nearly any type of cartridge or pod as well as capsules, syringes and jars directly in manufacturer packaging. The IZRC system is open, modular and easily serviced in the field by non-technicians.

The TPM mouthpiece press from Thompson Duke Industrial is a powerful industrial capping system designed to cap multiple presse-on mouthpieces for tamper-resistant press style cartridges and devices. It is designed to provide high productivity and reliability for a wide range of vaporizer device manufacturers. It is manufactured in the United States and features a simple-to-use touchscreen interface with automatic two-button control. The TPM is fully cETLus and ISO compliant, with advanced safety features such as auto-locking safety door interlock and impact-resistant windows.

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