Vinyl Film Manufacturers

Vinyl Film Manufacturers

Vinyl film manufacturers provide flexible and durable vinyl films for a wide range of applications. These include fleet graphics, watercraft graphics, car wrapping, labels & stickers and furniture decoration.

Custom manufacturer of vinyl, polyethylene & polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films. Services include die & kiss cutting, tubing & sleeve cutting, tape slitting and kitting. Meets UL, CSA and military spec requirements.


Manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom plastic & vinyl products including film strips. Capabilities include custom designing, prototyping & printing. Serves industries such as audio & video, automotive, communication, consumer appliances & goods, ESD & insulation.

Waterproof vinyl film is a popular choice for wrapping cars because of its durability and color. Its resistance to harmful environmental conditions and sun exposure makes it a durable, attractive solution for vehicle owners. It also resists the effects of high temperatures, so it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Electrical Insulation

Insulators are materials that prevent the flow of electric charges. This is essential for transforming electricity from a wild, uncontrolled force into the clean energy we use in our homes and businesses.

Electrical insulation also helps preserve conductive materials, such as wires and cables, that Self Adhesive Vinyl can corrode or degrade over time due to moisture or temperature changes. This is why it’s important to choose a vinyl film manufacturer that offers a warranty on their products.

Distributor of clear PVC scratch resistant, decorative pressure sensitive, safety non-slip and transit films in rolls or sheets. Features include abrasion, water, humidity and solvent resistance.

Heat Insulation

Manufacturer of industrial vinyl film that is flexible PVC & can be cut to specific sizes. Suitable for architectural graphic applications including backlit signs & awnings. Film is self-extinguishing & flame retardant as well as acid, caustic, oil & alcohol resistant. Provides a wide range of colors, surfaces & formulations. Coated with permanent or removable pressure sensitive adhesives & available with roll labels & semi-bleached Kraft release liners.

Heat insulating plastic film provides insulation in order to reduce energy consumption in buildings and vehicles. Offers thermal resistance, flame & smoke retardation as well as low tack, high tensile strength and good adhesion to textured substrates.

Heat Resistant

Manufacturer of industrial and commercial grade film made from vinyl. Products include supported and unsupported vinyl, double-polished clear, polyester, pressure sensitive & stencil films in sheets and rolls. Custom sizes, finishes and formulations available.

PU heat transfer film is designed to hold cut-out images with good weed-ability and stretches well during pasting. It is also capable of withstanding high temperature levels and offers superior adhesion. It is suitable for printing a numbering, lettering or small logo symbols on sports uniforms and t-shirts. Its matte finish helps to reduce light reflections.

Fire Resistant

Unlike some other plastics, vinyl film resists the effects of harmful environmental factors. Its durability and transparency allow it to remain intact in harsh weather conditions, such as negative temperatures and sunlight.

This film also demonstrates superior vertical burn resistance and halogen-free composition. Its flexibility enables it to be printed using solvent-based and UV-curable flexographic inks.

Distributor of standard and custom flame retardant films in aluminized polyester and cast polyolefin materials. Provides transit, carrier, overlaminate, release and architectural masking films. Serves aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and science industries.


Static electricity may seem harmless when it causes your hair to vinyl film manufacturers rise or items cling to your hand for a second, but can cause serious damage to sensitive electronics. Antistatic materials prevent static charges from forming and dispersing, protecting products from sparks, dust attraction, electrostatic discharge (ESD) events and other damages.

Distributor of standard & custom static cling film. Also provides flexographic printing, slitting & converting services. Serves electronics, automotive & digital print industries. JIT delivery available.

Flame Retardant

Fire retardant plastic film is ideal for construction projects such as vapor barrier when pouring concrete or crawl space encapsulation to control moisture. It is also great for covering equipment and machinery during construction and renovation.

Distributor of standard and custom flammable polyethylene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate plastic films. Various sizes and colors available. Services include converting, die cutting, printing, slitting and sheeting. Serves aerospace, automotive, computer, electrical, and chemical industries. JIT delivery available.


Unlike chemical antibacterial, which only kills bacteria when it comes in contact with the material, these films are imbued with microorganism-fighting technology during production. They are effective against bacteria and fungi including mildew, mould and algae.

Surfaces with antibacterial properties are classified as having either anti-adhesion or bactericidal surfaces [1,2,3]. In terms of the latter, these surfaces have an unfavorable topography that hinders the process of bacteria cell affixing to the material’s outer layer.

In order to evaluate the antibacterial properties of these polymer films, a contact angle measurement was performed with various testing liquids. Additionally, the Young’s modulus and tensile strength of the samples were tested.

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