Bachelorette Party Crafts: Smart Woven Bracelets

Bachelorette Party Crafts: Smart Woven Bracelets

If you’re looking for a fun, budget-friendly bachelorette party craft, try making string friendship bracelets. These flat beads are easy to work with and allow you to have more color options before running out of space.

These adjustable woven bracelets are great for gifting to your besties. Plus, every purchase supports disadvantaged women in Indonesia by providing them with living wages.


SEATTLE—Gemio lit up Kickstarter today with a social wearable that connects friends in real life. The company’s smart friendship bracelet lets you swap out snap-on LED tiles to create light effects that respond to music and movement, and it allows you to send and receive light signals with other Gemio users who have paired their bracelets. It’s a fun way to stay connected at concerts, events and festivals without staying glued to your phone or relying on text messages.

The gem-shaped bracelet comes in multiple styles, with colors and light effects that can be changed using an app called MyGemio. You can also customize the lights and settings on your bracelet using swappable tile sets, such as a starburst or hamsa design. The bracelet is built to last under festival conditions, with a rugged construction that doesn’t get hot and stays charged for up to six hours.

The company has partnered with entertainers and organizations to offer exclusive light effects that can be activated at events. You can even subscribe to artists, teams and charities in the MyGemio app to receive specialized light signals when your favorite team scores, your favorite artist releases a new song or it’s time to take action for a good cause. Those kinds of features are designed to appeal to teens, the primary target audience for Gemio.


HEY is an innovative long-distance friendship bracelet that lets you feel your friend’s touch. When you and your BFF touch each other’s HEY bracelet, the bracelets light up, giving you a sense of connection. You can UHF RFID Tag also touch them to send messages to each other, which act as a private chat separate from your other messaging services. Unlike other similar products, the HEY app keeps track of who sent the touch and when, and allows you to change the color that lights up your friend’s bracelet.

The HEY bracelets are made from real leather, so they’re durable and can get wet. They’re also customizable, with a variety of quotes and emojis to choose from. Another option is to personalize a bracelet with the coordinates of your favorite place. You can even purchase one crafted from the core of a game-used MLB baseball, complete with an authentication card to look up the details of the ball’s history.

This DIY kit helps BFFs relive childhood summer camp memories as they weave friendship bracelets. The kit includes two bands, alphabet beads, heart-shaped charms, emojis, and tie-on pompoms. A custom bracelet can commemorate a special spot in your life, such as the bar where you met or the soccer field where you spent your weekends. You can also choose a charity to support with a portion of the proceeds from each bracelet sale.

Bond Touch

Bond Touch is a bracelet that lets you send the one you love a gentle touch from anywhere in the world. The simple tap causes their bracelet to light up and buzz gently. It’s a great way to let them know that they are loved and in your thoughts, no matter how far apart you are. It’s the modern answer to a classic problem in relationships, and it’s sure to make anyone feel like they’re close to home even if they’re miles away.

The Bond Touch bracelets work by using Bluetooth to transmit the exact feeling of your hand on their wrist through a dedicated app. The vibration is similar to the buzz of your smartphone, but it’s more subtle. The battery is rechargeable, and the bracelet is designed to be comfortable for all-day wear. However, some reviewers have complained that the vibration can be irritating to the point of being distracting.

Each set of two bracelets costs $98, plus tax and shipping. After charging both bracelets, you and your partner can connect them through the free Bond Touch app on iOS or Android. You can then use the app to set up profiles for each of you, and your partner will be able to see your profile image and location on their device. They’ll also be able to see and feel the heartbeats stored within the app.

Christensen’s Sand Bank

If your BFF is a beach lover, consider gifting them this sand-filled bracelet from Christensen’s Sand Bank. This bracelet is filled with sand and earth elements from a variety of iconic and memorable locations around the world. You can even send in your own sand to make this bracelet more personal. The bracelet is lightweight and durable, and the color will never fade.

The perfect nightstand book for aspiring entrepreneurs and water lovers, Happiness Comes in Waves will inspire your friend to Smart Woven Bracelets brave new shores with life full of intention and courage. Each chapter features powerful sand stories and quotes from empowered women. Additionally, this inspiring book includes beautiful snapshots of sand textures from Dune Jewelry’s one-of-a-kind Sand Bank.

Founded by kitchen table entrepreneur Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry creates fine experiential jewelry to capture sentimental travel and experiences. Their jewelry is handmade in their Boston studio using sand and earth elements collected from memorable places worldwide. This unique customization allows customers to live for the moment and take it with them forever. In addition to their patented designs, Dune offers more than 700 retail partners and a thriving e-commerce business. The company’s catchphrase is “Live for the Moment, Take it With You”. The company also donates a portion of their profits to various charities. They have supported causes such as autism awareness, climate change prevention, and animal welfare.

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