Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier

Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier is used in the production of creams, ointments, preparations, gels etc. It is a shear and impact mixer that shears and disperses the materials while mixing them.

It operates in the condition of vacuum that averts the contact of the material with air and Vacuum emulsifier meets the request of sanitation and asepsis. Its blending process is quick and reliable.


Vacuum emulsifier is used for blending, dispersing and homogenizing a variety of materials. These high-shear emulsifying mixers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry for making creams, ointments, lotions, and various other mixtures on a small or large scale. These machines are especially suited for blending oily and watery substances because they can create an evenly mixed product with minimal air bubbles. They can also be used to make thicker products such as mayonnaise and sauces.

A vacuum emulsifier works by using high shear to distribute one phase into another continuously and quickly, which is an important aspect of blending. This type of emulsifier can be used to mix a variety of different liquids and ingredients, including oils, water, and other fats. It can also be used to mix dry ingredients, such as spices and cellulose. Vacuum emulsifiers are also used for the preparation of animal feed and pharmaceuticals, and can be found in restaurants and hospitals.

There are a number of factors that determine the effectiveness of a vacuum emulsifier, such as the size and shape of the ingredients. Ingredients with similar sizes will blend well together, while unevenly shaped particles won’t mix evenly. Additionally, the natural characteristics of the ingredients will affect how well they will mix. Rough products tend to inter-pore, which results in perfect emulsification, while smoother ingredients will not.

This equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and it can be used in a variety of applications. It is particularly useful in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries for blending chemicals, natural ingredients, and raw materials. It is also widely used in laboratories for testing new solutions. It is ideal for blending a variety of different types of chemicals, and it can be used in many laboratory experiments.

The machine consists of a water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot, vacuum system, lifting structure, and electric control. The vacuum is created in the emulsifying pot when it is turned on. The action stage combines powerful shear forces and mechanical effects, such as centrifugal impact, crushing, strong shearing, and abrasive action. This can produce an instant and uniform emulsion without breaking the mixture or affecting the temperature.

Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer is an efficient tool for mixing, dilution and homogenizing all kinds of mixtures. It is a complete and fully automatic device, which can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry on a small or large scale. It is equipped with a stainless steel tank, which can be used to homogenize dairy and beverage products. It also includes a mirror that is suitable for GMP requirements. The mirror is used to observe the process inside the emulsifying tank.


Vacuum emulsifier is an equipment that mixes mechanical, thermal and chemical processes to create a wide range of emulsions. Automation equipment supplier It is particularly useful for fluids that are hard to combine using traditional methods. It is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to produce creams, ointments, and lotions. It is also widely utilized in the food industry to make sauces, dressings and other foods. It can emulsify many different ingredients in water, oil or other liquids. It is also capable of creating micro-droplets that are much smaller than their natural size. These micro-droplets are ideal for emulsification.

This machine has a number of significant advantages over traditional mixing devices. For one, it uses vacuum to help with product handling and ensure that the materials are emulsified and mixed evenly. This helps to improve the quality of the finished products and reduce the risk of aeration. This is especially important in high-viscosity liquids.

The equipment also offers a number of other advantages, including the ability to heat and cool the mixtures. It is easy to use, and requires minimal maintenance. It can be used to emulsify many different ingredients, and produces a high-quality end result. It is highly efficient, and has a fast blending speed. The machine also has a wide variety of settings, making it easy to customize the process for any specific application.

The vacuum emulsifier is also very durable, and has the ability to withstand a lot of pressure. This is especially important when processing delicate products, such as medical or beauty products. It is also available in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the right model for your needs. The machine can be used for both small and large batches, and can even handle a continuous process. This makes it a good choice for manufacturers who need to increase production capacity. It is also easy to clean, and is designed with GMP standards in mind. It is available in both manual and automatic configurations, depending on the needs of your company.

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