How To Choose A Bedroom Bin That Looks Good, Feels Good And Is Easy To Clean Too

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How To Choose A Bedroom Bin That Looks Good, Feels Good And Is Easy To Clean Too

A bedroom bin is a must have for guest bedrooms, providing a space to throw away waste paper and unwanted items. A quality bin will complement the decor of a room, and is easy to clean too.

Some bins were made to be seen, others to blend in seamlessly – the choice is yours!

Faux rattan design

For a bedroom bin to look good, it must be able to conceal its contents neatly. A faux rattan design does the trick, blending seamlessly with other furniture to look like a fashionable feature rather than an unsightly necessity. Its woven appearance adds texture to the room, and a hang swing lid means it’s easy to keep waste hidden.

Stylishly contemporary and durable, this set of two rattan baskets is ideal for any room in the house. Use them to organize and store clothes and accessories in the closet or on a dresser, or bedroom bin put one under your sink to hold toiletries like shaving gel, shampoos, conditioners, and more. You could also keep a few faux greenery or floral stems in it to freshen up a corner of the bathroom.

When it comes to buying a bin for the bedroom, there are many different options on the market. Some are designed to be discreet and undetectable, while others are more glamorous. A chrome cylindrical design would be a stylish addition to a glam bedroom, as it looks the part and makes sure your waste paper isn’t visible. Alternatively, opt for a wicker-look design to add natural style to the space.

Grey wash willow design

For a neutral look that’s easy to match with a wide variety of bedroom decor styles, choose this grey wash willow design. It’s crafted from split grey willow with a traditional finish and is completed with jute string rope handles. It’s ideal for adding a touch of texture to your space without making a dramatic style statement, and it’s also available in a chrome cylindrical design for those who love to add a hint of glamour to their room.

A wicker grey painted design is another great way to create a natural look for your bin. It’s a more practical choice that’s suitable for guest rooms or offices and looks good when filled with colorful faux flowers or trailing greenery. A hang swing lid makes it even more practical for discreet storage.

Leather-look design

Depending on where you choose to place your bedroom bin, you may wish it to blend in so its presence goes undetected or to stand out as an attractive feature in the room. Dunelm offers a faux leather design that fits the latter bill and is available in various finishes to suit your bedroom decor choice. Alternatively, you could opt for a chrome cylindrical silhouette that’s made to be seen and works well with mirrored bedroom furniture choices.

Fairtrade felt design

There’s nothing like a textured accessory to welcome a touch of charm to a bedroom and this pretty bin is ideal for hiding away waste paper, cotton wool pads and buds or even art and craft scraps. The woven cylindrical silhouette is perfect for an understated aesthetic and it even has hands-free pedal opening to make emptying as simple as possible. Alternatively, you could go for a sleek chrome design that’s designed to be seen – great for glam bedrooms.

Retro-inspired metal design

For those wanting a bedroom bin that adds texture and is ideal for a farmhouse style room, this vintage inspired metal design from Garden Trading is perfect. Its woven silhouette has handles on either side – great for moving around and emptying – as well as a cute pig-inspired handle, to welcome a fun accent to the decor. This bin is also ideal for an en-suite bathroom, or even a children’s bedroom where it can store art supplies or discarded crayons and markers. For glam bedrooms, multiple metallic designs are available, including this chrome cylindrical silhouette which is made to be seen.

Pedestal design

The pedestal design of this bedroom bin adds a touch of luxury to any décor. The ivory hue and bedroom bin classic turned pedestal style lend elegance, while the Fairtrade felt construction welcomes a tactile element to your space.

This simple yet stylish bedroom bin combines durability and functionality, with an easy-to-clean removable plastic liner and a smart bag lock system. The design is also available in a range of other finishes and sizes to suit any space.

The Norm Pedal Bin’s new additions at both ends of the size spectrum, a compact 4L and capacious 30L, bring a new level of eloquence to this timeless collection. The additions tie in beautifully with the rest of the collection’s visual ethos, combining aesthetics, endurance, and tactility.

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