The Bedroom Bin – The Unsung Hero in Guest Rooms

bedroom bin

The Bedroom Bin – The Unsung Hero in Guest Rooms

The bedroom bin is an unsung hero in guest rooms and keeps rubbish out of sight. It can also be a place to throw away problem items such as cotton wool and cotton buds that cannot be thrown in the toilet or recycled. Look for a lightweight plastic bin with a capacity between 3 and 5 litres.


You can find bedroom bins made from a wide range of materials, from sleek stainless steel to lightweight polypropylene. These bins are designed to fit seamlessly into modern home offices, where they help keep the room tidy and organised. They can also be used in bedrooms, where they are ideal for catching all of those loose bits and pieces that would otherwise clutter up your bedside table. For a touch of glamour, choose a metallic bin, or go for a more traditional style with a white vintage-look waste basket. Its filigreed look injects a feminine feel into the space, and it can even be personalised to make it truly your own.


If you’re storing clothes or linens, you’ll want to choose bedroom storage bins that have plenty of room. Opt for models that stack easily and come with a clear plastic lid, so you can see what’s inside without having to dig through a box of clothes. If you’re storing delicate or expensive items, you’ll also want to be sure that your bins are leakproof. Obviously, they won’t need to be as tough as the ones you would use in a basement, but they should be able to withstand a little bit of moisture.

Some under-bed storage containers have wheels, making it easy to pull them right out from under the bed. Mill & Mint’s under-bed storage bin, for example, features sturdy handles that grip bedroom bin well so you can easily grab your belongings. It’s a great choice for storing clothes, blankets, and shoes.

Another option for under-bed storage is a container store-like unit from HOMZ. This underbed storage container is a bit pricier than the average bedroom bin, but it’s also very durable and spacious. It can fit up to 60 quarts, and the plastic construction is clear so you can easily see what’s inside.

Under-bed storage containers can also be a good choice for storing bulky items, such as winter coats and sporting gear. If you opt for this type of under-bed storage, look for a model bedroom bin that has a double zip seal to ensure smooth opening and closing. Another feature to consider is a lid that lifts like a hinge for one-handed access.

Consider converting an old dresser into a bedroom storage solution by adding a set of rolling casters and drawer pulls. This can be a cheap way to keep out-of-season clothing and accessories organized while freeing up floor space. Alternatively, you can also paint an existing dresser a new color and add handles for easier pulling.

If you’re short on closet space, you can also hang a set of floating shelves near your bed to act as both a shelving unit and a bedside table. They can be used to store everything from trinkets and decor to alarm clocks and extra blankets.

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