Three Types of Automatic Capping Machinery

Three Types of Automatic Capping Machinery

Automatic capping machine

Capping machinery comes in many forms, depending on the type of cap used and how much automation is necessary. High-volume production lines often use automatic cappers, but they can also benefit smaller operations. In this article, we will discuss three common types of automatic capping machines. These include the E-PAK Machinery automatic vertical wheel plugger, the Relia-Cap automatic screw capper, and the Zalkin TM135 single-head automatic capping machine.

Relia-Cap automatic screw capper

The Relia-Cap automatic screw capper has a simple and intuitive touch screen menu for complete control of the capping process. It shows real-time production data, such as the number of caps tightened and bottles produced per minute. This capping machine comes with a memory feature for storing capping programs.

The Relia-Cap automatic screw capper can apply screw-on caps to all types of bottles and cans. It has two different types of applications and features a variable-speed AC motor and lock nut hand wheel. The automatic screw capper is an ideal option for companies looking to automate their bottle capping process.

This machine is ideal for smaller glass bottles with caps. It can seal all types of bottles, including anti-theft ones. It also has the capability to apply screws of different sizes and materials. It has a compact footprint and is highly efficient. It uses the latest technology to automatically place various types of caps. Furthermore, it works with different bottle sizes and shapes, making it ideal for both small and large packaging facilities.

This automatic screw capper is designed for a variety of caps, including pumps, trigger tops, and round lugs. It can also handle odd-shaped caps Automatic capping machine and can work at a rate of 200 caps per minute. The machine can move bottles from one station to another, and it can also handle different types of caps.

Zalkin TM135 single-head automatic capping machine

The Zalkin TM135 single-headed automatic capping machine is ideal for applying screw-on caps and roll-on aluminum closures. Its fully integrated design and cap elevator allows for fast and easy closure changeovers. It can apply from 2,500 to 2,800 caps per hour. The machine also has an adjustable speed dial and a user-friendly interface. It is available in single and dual-head configurations.

Single-head automatic capping machines are an excellent option for low-speed production lines. They are known for their durability and reliable performance, even under the most rigorous conditions. They come in a variety of configurations and capping technologies to meet the unique needs of every application.

Single-head automatic capping machines also offer the most consistent torque values. These machines replace manual snap-type caps and can be set to cap various containers. In pharma industries, they are particularly useful because they can place caps on different containers and hold them in place with friction. They also offer the advantage of moving containers along a conveyor belt.

Automatic capping machines are ideal for any company that needs to apply closures to a variety of different containers. These machines can be set to apply closures at low or high speeds, depending on your needs. They can help you save time and money on your production line and contribute to a sanitary working environment.

Different types of automatic capping machines require different alignment techniques. Those with spindle capping machines require different alignment techniques than those with chuck cappers. Also, different types of caps require special machines, so you will have to specify your needs before contacting a supplier. Make sure to ask about the machine’s capacity. You may need to upgrade Automatic capping machine the machine’s capacity later on, so it’s imperative to check the specifications of the machine you’re purchasing.

An automatic capping machine should be able to handle heavier containers. A fully automatic machine will allow you to increase the speed and productivity of your packaging line. The advantages of an automatic machine include higher output, higher efficiency, and aseptic operations. If you are planning to purchase one for your packaging business, make sure it has the capacity to accommodate future growth.

Automatic capping machines are generally divided into two parts: a cap feeder and a cap sorter. The former is more straightforward than the latter, while the latter is more complicated and requires more time to set up. The Zalkin TM135 single-head automatic capping machine can process a variety of sizes and types of caps.

E-PAK Machinery automatic vertical wheel plugger

E-PAK Machinery’s Automatic Vertical Wheel Plugger improves packaging line efficiencies by maintaining consistent placement of plug fitments. The plug fitments are sorted through several styles of sorting devices before being fed onto the vertical wheel placer. The vertical wheel placer is then synchronized with a timing screw indexer and automatically inserts the plugs into the containers in continuous motion.

Several types of pluggers are available for use with this equipment, including gravity and pressure filling systems. Gravity filling systems are ideal for thin foamy products, while pressure/gravity filling systems are suitable for slightly thicker, viscous liquids. E-PAK Machinery offers both types, as well as customized contact parts, to meet specific end-user product requirements.

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