A-FLY Elevator Accessories

AFLY Elevator Accessories

A-FLY Elevator Accessories is a global supplier of elevator spare parts. With a branch in Guangzhou, A-FLY prioritizes providing cost-effective products. Their products have been exported to more than 100 countries. In addition, they have been appointed as a long-term global supplier of OTIS and ThyssenKrupp elevator companies. The company has served customers worldwide for over 10 years.


Fluidics is a form of mechanical engineering which involves the circulation of fluids. These systems are used to create motion and change the direction of vehicles. Fluidic systems have several advantages over conventional mechanical designs. They promise lower mass, low inertia, and a short response time.

Fluidic amplifiers are devices that work by using fluid as a source of power. This fluid may be air, water, or hydraulic fluid. The fluid enters the fluidic amplifier at the bottom and deflects at its control ports (O1 and O2). The fluid can perform various operations through a fluidic amplifier. It can also be used to build simple digital logic systems. However, fluidic amplifiers typically have low kilohertz bandwidth. Fluidic devices are not as efficient as electronic devices.

The primary system requirements are loaded rates and passive flutter protection. Conventional preliminary designs lead to oversizing of the elevator’s actuator. Bypassing one actuator would drag the remaining one, increasing response time. This is why the A-FLY actuation system is ideal for passenger elevators.

Lower costs

Whether you’re installing a new elevator or upgrading an existing one, you can lower costs by getting the right A-FLY elevator accessories. From battery backup systems to extra mechanical rooms, these additions can add up to thousands of dollars. A-FLY is a global supplier that has been serving the needs of elevator companies for over ten years.

Oversea market

A-FLY is a professional elevator spare parts manufacturer with a branch in Guangzhou. Its core value is to provide the best products at the best prices. As a result, it has been exporting to more than 100 countries. Recently, A-FLY was appointed as a long-term global supplier to OTIS elevator company and ThyssenKrupp elevator company. The company has been serving customers worldwide for over ten years.

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