Hand Chain Hoist

hand chain hoist

A hand chain hoist is an effective tool for lifting a variety of materials. Its light weight makes it ideal for temporary installations. Some models have capacities from half a ton to 25 tons. Some are even equipped with overload protection. These are used mainly for lifting automotive parts. In addition to their versatility, hand chain hoists are safe and simple to use.

CM Hurricane 360deg

The CM Hurricane 360deg hand chain hoister is a versatile machine that allows the operator to easily and safely place the load. The rotating hand chain guide allows the operator to operate from any angle without risking the hand chain. It also features a durable and anti-corrosive aluminum alloy hoist frame, zinc-plated chains, and a double pawl brake system. Its compact size makes it ideal for outdoor work.

The CM Hurricane 360deg hand chain hoister is one of the most innovative and versatile hoists on the market today. Its patented 360-degree rotation gives the operator complete 360-degree control over the position of the load. This allows for virtually any angle of load positioning, lifting, and pulling the load with the same device. Columbus McKinnon Corporation has further expanded its line of hand chain hoists with the introduction of the CM Hurricane 360deg.

The CM Hurricane Mini 360deg hand chain hoist is a small, portable hand chain hoist that has full 360-degree rotation. It can lift loads up to 0.25 tons and can be easily transported. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for tight spaces and is easy to use.

CM Hurricane

A CM Hurricane hand chain hoist offers a simple, efficient design that allows you to install it with minimal headroom. This lightweight steel hoist has a hardened load chain for flexibility and durability. It also features a Weston-type load brake that requires no lubrication. In addition, the hand wheel cover helps to minimize slipping or jamming.

In addition to the standard features, the CM Hurricane is also available with a variety of optional features. This rugged hoist features an integrated trolley and low-headroom design. Its geared motors ensure a long service life and require little maintenance. It also features a low-profile design and can be adjusted for varying beam widths. It can also be fitted with ATEX explosion protection.

The CM Hurricane hand chain hoist is available in different capacities, from 1/2 to 10 tons. There are also different lift lengths, including ten, fifteen, and twenty-foot lifts. Another notable feature is the rotating hand chain cover, which allows the load to be lifted at any angle. This feature makes it easy for workers to position and maneuver the load without having to stand beneath it.

Another feature that makes this chain hoist stand out from the rest is its patented 360 degree rotation. This means that the operator can operate the hoist at any angle, from above or below the load. This feature allows for maximum strength and flexibility. The CM Hurricane’s four-pocket liftwheel, matching chain guide, and powder-coated finish offer advanced safety and durability. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The CM Hurricane hand chain hoist from Columbus McKinnon Corporation is designed with a unique 360-degree rotating hand chain cover, enabling the operator to lift loads at virtually any angle. Its patented design eliminates the need for pawls or pawl springs, and is built with a steel frame for maximum strength. In addition to its 360-degree rotation hand chain cover, it is equipped with chain guides and chain latches to help prevent slipping.

Harrington CB

The Harrington CB hand chain hoist features a die-cast aluminum body, a heat-treated main pinion shaft, precision machined gears, and a Weston-style load brake. It is available in lift capacities of ten, fifteen, or twenty feet.

The Harrington CB hand chain hoist is a proven solution for demanding applications. Its rugged construction and a high-impact steel hand wheel cover offer superior protection in tough and extreme conditions. Moreover, the chain is made of heat-treated alloy steel, making it the strongest chain available in the market.

The Harrington CB hand chain hoist has a classic round-type design and is ideal for tight spaces. Its light weight and low headroom profile makes it easy to install, and it requires less pull force for operation. Its large hook throat openings and convenient hook design help it operate smoothly. Furthermore, it offers a 4:1 design factor. It is also tested to 150 percent of its rated load capacity.

The Harrington CB hand chain hoist is the perfect choice for demanding industrial environments. It features durable exterior shell and machined interior components. Its efficient drive train helps minimize manual effort. Its double-enclosed brake cover and standard slip clutch further improve its reliability. It is also easy to maintain and repair, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

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