LED Wash Lights

LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights

LED wash lights are a great way to add colour to your video. This type of lighting is very versatile, with many different colours and projections. They are also great for smaller surfaces, like TV screens, mirrors and small tables. Listed below are some popular options. Let’s take a closer look at each of these lights. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each one, and which ones are best for videography.

Ovation F-145WW

The Chauvet Profession Ovation F-145WW is a Warm White LED Fresnel that offers 16-bit dimming and virtually silent operation. It’s an excellent replacement for six-inch incandescent Fresnels and delivers a uniform soft white field. The Ovation F-145WW is motorised and offers a 25 to 65-degree zoom range, making it a great choice for a variety of theatrical applications.

Ovation F-915VW

The Ovation F-915VW is a 3W Variable White LED Fresnel with a high CRI and CQS rating. Its on-board controls offer color temperature, zoom, and dimming control to meet the lighting needs of any creative project. This versatile fixture can be dimmed with the on-board DMX, and has an adjustable zoom range of 17-85 degrees.

Ovation FTD-55WW

The Ovation FTD-55WW is a track mounted warm white LED inkie Fresnel-style fixture with a barn door. This fixture offers a wide field angle, a manual zoom, and virtually silent operation. Its warm white color makes it ideal for short-throw applications such as television studios, on-location sets, and theaters. Its features include 16-bit dimming and manual zoom, a 39-69 deg field angle, and virtually silent operation.

COLORado 2 Solo

The COLORado 2 Solo ledwash lights feature three 40 W RGBW engines for a beautiful, homogenized beam. Their smooth zooming optics and IP rated power connectors allow them to be used in theaters and outdoor festivals. Besides, they are fully convection cooled, making them suitable for outdoor festivals and theatrical productions. This product comes with a one-year warranty.

The COLORado 2 Solo is built for professional use. The rugged die-cast aluminum housing means that it will withstand even the roughest environment. This product also comes with a Seetronic Powerkon IP65 power cord. This versatile light is available for rental, as well as for sale. It is a perfect companion for those on the move, or for professionals who want to customize their lighting.

The COLORado 2 Solo LED wash light is a quad-color unit with IP65 rating. Its IP rating means that it can withstand outdoor conditions without risk of damage or failure. Its advanced zooming optics project a homogeneous beam with a wide range of 7-42 degrees. It has five dimming modes, as well as DMX compatibility.

COLORado 3 Solo

COLORado 3 Solo LED wash lights feature three 40 W RGBW engines and project a smooth and homogeneous beam. The powerful yet compact unit is equipped with full convection cooling and IP rated power connectors for outdoor productions. The IP rated design makes it suitable for theatrical productions as well as outdoor festivals. The compact size of this light makes it easy to carry around and is suitable for theatrical and festival productions.

COLORado 3 Solo LED wash lights are powered by three 60W RGBW LED engines. They project an even, homogenized beam thanks to the zoomable optics. These fixtures are equipped with convection cooling and IP65-rated connectors for complete protection against the elements. The COLORado 3 Solo also features a zooming lens, IP-rated connectors, and a convection cooling system.

This LED wash light from Chauvet Pro is a multifunctional LED prozektor with IP65 protection rating. Its 60W quad-color RGBW LEDs produce an even, homogeneous beam. It is equipped with a motorized zoom feature and an OLED display for easy setup. It is waterproof to IP65, which makes it ideal for outdoor festival productions. And the LED light source is RGBW, so you’re sure to get a vibrant, even look.

COLORado M Solo

The CHAUVET Professional Colorado 1 Solo builds on the success of the Colorado line of fixtures by incorporating advanced optics and superb performance in a variety of environments. This IP65 outdoor-rated fixture also features a fast zoom and precision optics for unmatched performance. The Colorado 1 Solo is also IP65-rated and utilizes IP-rated power connectors to avoid any danger of damage to the fixture during outdoor operation.

The COLORado M Solo LED wash light has four quad-color LEDs that can be set to three or more different color temperatures. The four-level DMX dimming curve allows for a wide range of effects. It also features a motorized zoom and is IP65-rated for outdoor use. A dual-yoke bracket is included to mount the light to a truss, a lighting stand, or a floor stand.

The COLORado M Solo is an IP65-rated, compact RGBW LED fixture that delivers vibrant, homogeneous color washes and beams. The fixture’s 40W quad-color LED produces brilliant color washes and homogenized beams, and the lens is smooth and fast to zoom. With an eight-inch zoom and five-to-24deg beam angle, the M Solo offers an ideal option for indoors and outdoors alike.

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