How Each Pallet Stacker Stacks a Pallet

How Each Pallet Stacker Stacks a Pallet

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If you’re a heavy lifter, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a pallet stacker. Dedicated emergency reverse buttons, ergonomic handles, and a trouble-shooting indicator help keep the machine in check. They’re designed for high-volume and heavy-duty environments and are ideal for businesses with high labour-intensive processes. In this article, we take a look at the ES10, ES-RAS, and CESAB S200 models and how each stacks a pallet.


The EP Equipment ES12 pallet stacker is a heavy-duty electric pallet stacker with a 1.2-tonne lifting capacity. This stacker is available with a mast that reaches from 2500 to 3800 mm. It runs on a powerful AC drive system and comes with a large 24V/210Ah lead-acid battery. This stacker comes with an ergonomic dual-hand tiller, an integrated charger, and comprehensive safety features.

The EP ES12 pallet stacker is perfect for light-duty applications. It features a 4000mm lifting height and a weight capacity of 1200kg. Another benefit of this stacker is its gel battery and integrated charger. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal stacker for warehouses and production sites. You can also add on a battery for a long-lasting power source. If you are looking for a pallet stacker that will fit in your small warehouse, then this EP ES12-10ES is a great choice.

This electric pallet stacker is highly effective in tight spaces. The machine has a special “crawl speed” mode. It is also equipped with an electromagnetic brake and a steel cover for the drive wheel. The ES12 pallet stacker has been improved for years to offer users the most benefits. While the price may be high, the benefits outweigh the costs. This electric pallet stacker is the perfect choice for many industries.


The ES-RAS pallet stacker is a versatile piece of machinery. This versatile piece of machinery is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as retail work. Its low height and stable mast ensure safe relocation of loads. Another key benefit is its open design, which ensures a high degree of visibility while moving heavy loads. Its industry-standard controller allows for easy repair by a forklift servicing company.

The ES-RAS combines excellent performance, stability, and safety to make it a solid entry-level stacker. It is built to meet international safety standards and can operate mostly at medium heights. It has a capacity of 1200kg and is equipped with a walker-rider design that makes for easy maneuverability in narrow aisles. Its low profile and power steering make it easy to maneuver and store.

This machine’s small footprint and intuitive movement make it an excellent choice for warehouses with high volumes of midsized and small items. Using it can increase the efficiency of the whole transport chain. In addition to its low price, it is easy to rent and trial its functionality, allowing you to make a decision before buying a pallet stacker. It is also less expensive than more complex machinery such as forklifts.

Warehouses are becoming taller and larger, and storing products on high racking has become a necessity. Most businesses have material handling needs that far exceed the capabilities of a pallet truck. For this reason, electric stackers are the perfect solution. These stackers can also serve as a workstation for workers without the need for a forklift truck. So, you don’t need a forklift truck to achieve your storage and transportation needs.


The CESAB S200 pallet stacker has been a world leader in forklift design for over 70 years. The CESAB S200 pallet stacker embodies CESAB’s philosophy of Effortless Pallet Handling. The centralized tiller arm allows for excellent visibility and control at any height. PIN code access is provided for each operator, which means that unauthorised operation is eliminated.

The S200 is an electric pallet stacker with compact design, centrally mounted dissel, and superior pallet handling. This machine offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all conductor a pie applications, and its easy-to-use features make it a smart choice. Its plegable platform and exclusive rimon make it the perfect pallet handling truck for a wide range of industries. In addition to its versatility, the S200 is designed to minimize your operating costs and improve the safety of your workers.

The CESAB S200 range of powered stacker trucks provides a complete walkie pallet handling solution for medium and light-duty applications. With features including an AC operation system and a wide range of mast sizes, the S200 range of pallet stackers offers a flexible solution for your business. With its unique tiller arm, the S200 range makes it easy to operate for every worker in your business.

The S200 pallet stacker also features trucks with a l2 measurement of 35 to 38mm, making it extremely easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces and a safe, reliable lift. In addition to these benefits, the S200 series of trucks features a unique design that minimizes the number of cables and electrical components. Additionally, the S200 series uses MQS (Mount Quality Seal) terminals, which allow for easy maintenance, even in cold and humid environments.


The EP Equipment ES10-10MM pallet stacker is equipped with an ergonomic dual-hand control and a side-mounted tiller, ensuring better visibility and work safety. Moreover, it comes with various safety features, including an e-stop button, hydraulic hose-burst valve, and automatic anti-rollback brakes. The machine’s progressive controls help prevent misfires and ensure long-lasting service. The machine also comes with a 2-year warranty, which means that you can take full advantage of it for years to come.

The EP ES10-10 pallet stacker is an entry-level walkie model that is equipped with lifting heights of up to 3.3 metres. The machine also features an onboard battery charger and a maintenance-free 24V/105Ah sealed gel battery. Moreover, its monomast provides the operator with a 360-degree view of stacking operations. The ES10-10 is suitable for small warehouses and productions.


The ES12X pallet stacker is one of the latest electric-powered electric pallet stackers from EP Equipment. Its 1.2-tonne capacity and Euro-style inriggers make it ideal for intensive logistics operations. The machine features a large 24V/210Ah lead-acid battery and powerful ZAPI AC drive system. Its drive wheel is mounted vertically for optimal visibility. This model also features an integrated charger and manual control.

A pallet stacker is operated manually by the operator. To operate the stacker, he must push a control lever on the handle down. The forks will raise and lower as the operator cranks the tiller. Once the stacker is in place, the operator can pull the control lever back up and release the load. The ES12X is available with various lift capacities and features. You can also find a range of options with the semi-electric model.

A pallet stacker is a useful piece of machinery for warehouses. Its lightweight design and ability to stack and move several pallets in quick and precise fashion make it a cost-effective addition to your transport network. These machines reduce workplace stress and employee effort. They are also flexible enough to be used in various professional settings, making them future-proof. A pallet stacker can be used for a variety of tasks, including the picking of bulky materials and unloading them.

Designed to work in any warehouse without a forklift, an ES12X stacker has a low-profile power unit and wide mast window for easy visibility. This ergonomic design also ensures a safe distance from the power unit. It also offers maximum visibility to either side of the stacker. Unlike most pallet stackers on the market, the ES Series pallet stacker features a rugged chassis, powerful traction control motor, and a unique e-GEN braking system that eliminates the wear points that can form over time in mechanical brake systems.

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