Moving Head 3in1 LED Moving Head Lights

Moving Head 3in1 LED Moving Head Lights

3 in 1 moving head light

The Moving Head 3in1 is a versatile multifunction headlight that accepts DMX commands and can be connected to other sibling models. Its extra control functions are integrated into the mounting bracket and traverse. In addition to the DMX input, this model features a wide array of color effects. The Moving Head 3in1 also has an onboard wireless remote control. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a directional light and a spot light.

LED moving head light

LED moving head lights are fast becoming the most popular type of stage lighting, thanks to the many benefits they offer. With a distinct beam angle, they enchant attendees with their unique effects. In addition, they are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor stage applications. The two most common types of LED moving head lights are BEAM and LED. Below are some of the most important aspects of each type of moving head light. To understand the advantages of each, we will examine some of the most common ones.

LED moving head lights can be set in eight different positions. In the cross position, lights cross each other in two sets. In the downstage center position, they create a distinct pattern, similar to a prism. The shutter and iris settings further shape the beam. Whether you’re highlighting a specific artist or a couple, LED moving head lights can be programmed to project specific patterns, creating moods and ambience for events.

LED moving head lights come in many different colors, allowing you to mix and match different hues for a custom look. They are adjustable to change their direction, as well, allowing you to create a wide variety of effects with various colors. And because they’re so versatile, LED moving head lights can be positioned anywhere you need them, whether it’s in a stadium or a club. In addition to being versatile, they can save energy and money.

Nebula moving head light

Chauvet has released a new model of its NEBULA moving head light in a variety of color temperatures. The NEBULA 3 in 1 moving head light is a versatile option for your lighting needs. Powered by a 200W Warm White COB LED, it offers a CRI of 95 and a 1:4 zooming ratio. It supports DMX control and is compatible with a variety of strobe effects. This model is designed for television, theaters, dance halls, and large-scale performances.

The Nebula 17R 350W moving head light is an upgraded version of the 17R beam, which is already a well-known and highly-reviewed fixture in the professional lighting market. It incorporates advanced electronic control technology, high-precision optical lenses, and other top-class materials. It has a beam spot wash and an eight-facet circular prism, as well as two gobo wheels, which feature 14 fixed gobos and nine rotating gobos. The light also features a 0-100% linear dimmer and double lens strobe for smooth, consistent lighting.

Nebula Beam 10R

The Nebula Beam 10R moving head lighting system combines the advanced optical lens components and OSRAM 10R 280W moving head light to provide a sharp, uniform output. Its industrial design and CE compliance make it ideal for television, dance halls, and large-scale performances. It comes with a 0-100% linear dimmer and 11 color options, including an open and closed strobe.

Merak Beam 3in1

This Merak Beam 3in1 moving head lighting has high-end features. Its OSRAM 10R 280W lamp and high-precision optical lens integrate advanced electronic control technology. Its wide-bank voltage and dual lens strobe ensure smooth and consistent light output. It is perfect for a wide range of lighting applications and is a must-have for photographers, stage lighting professionals, and studio lighting designers.

This 280W MERAK-CS moving head lights feature a ten-percent optical zoom system and a 250-Watt RGBW multichip LED module. It also features a textured Fresnel lens design and a rotating beam shaping optic. It is suitable for television shows, discos, dance halls, and large-scale productions. Moreover, it is compatible with DMX512 w/RDM and CRMX TiMo RDM.

Merak Beam 10R

The MERAK Beam 10R 3 in 1 moving head is a high-end version of the beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head light. This head light combines advanced electronic control technology with high-quality materials and Nebula optical lens components. It also features a linear adjustable dimmer and a 0-100% linear focus and parallel beam angle. The light’s uniform output light efficiency makes it an excellent choice for stage or studio lighting.

MERAK Beam 10R features an advanced CS design, incorporating a DC/DC converter and active power factor correction. Its 95 percent efficiency is the result of the liquid cooling system. It is ideal for a disco or large-scale performance, and its sleek, industrial design makes it an attractive choice for a variety of applications. The unit is also compatible with DMX-512 w/RDM and CRMX TiMo RDM.

Nebula Beam Spot Wash

The Nebula Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1 moving head light has a user-friendly industrial design and complies with the CE safety standard. These powerful fixtures are perfect for large-scale performances, television, discos, and dance halls. The Nebula 17r moving head light is 280 watts, making it the perfect lighting solution for professional venues.

The 280-watt Merak Beam 17R is the top-end model of the Nebula Beam Spot Wash 3in1 moving head light. This unit integrates state-of-the-art electronic control technology, a high-precision optical lens, and other top-quality materials. Nebula Beam 17R’s powerful output and long throw make it the perfect choice for demanding professionals.

Nebula Matrix

The NEBULA FX 3-in-1 Moving Head Light is a user-friendly, industrial design that meets CE safety standards. It can be used for broadcasting, television, discos, dance halls, and large-scale performances. The light’s manual design and advanced components make it an excellent choice for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the features of the NEBULA FX 3-in-1 Moving Head Light:

The OSRAM 10R 280W power source powers this dazzling moving head light with a 10-facet circular prism and a six-facet linear prism. This unit also has a single color wheel with 13 colors and two gobo wheels with nine rotating gobos. This unit features powerful RDM functionality and ArtNet network control technology. It also features a strobe function, double lens strobe, and 16/24 DMX channels.

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