Which Laser Welding Machine Manufacturer Should You Choose?

Laser welding machine manufacturer

If you are considering investing in a https://www.angelo-home.com/ machine, you may be wondering which manufacturer will provide you with the best equipment for your application. If so, there are several companies you may want to consider: AMADA, TRUMPF, Wuhan Golden Laser, STAHLWERK, and OMRON. The following is a brief overview of each company’s welding machines. Depending on your budget, you may be able to purchase a used machine from one of these companies.


AMADA WELD TECH INC. is a leading manufacturer of https://www.hmlasercutter.com/product/surrounding-double-platform-hm-gb1510-series/, resistance welding, micromachining, and hot bar bonding equipment. The company manufactures welding equipment for a variety of industries, including aerospace and the medical device industries. These machines are used to weld various metal materials. They can also be used to create laser markers and to make custom tooling and consumables. Read on to learn more about the company and its machines.

The company’s LF Series lasers feature an internal air to water cooling system. The cooling system ensures excellent power and pulse to pulse stability. They may be operated in continuous wave mode or modulated wave mode. In addition, they have all the features necessary to control the weld, including pulse shaping with up to 10 segments, seam mode, and ramp up and down capabilities. These lasers are available separately or as a complete package.


A small company’s first step toward automated laser welding can be made with the TRUMPF TruLaser Weld 1000. This machine is ideal for job shops that weld sheet metal boxes or electrical cabinets. It features an integrated collaborative robot and 6-axis articulated arm. While the operator guides the robot over the part manually, the software creates the welding program. It also has a built-in camera that records the welding process.

With a modular design, the TruLaser Cell Series 7040 laser system offers the best combination of two and three-dimensional processes. Its modular design makes it easy to integrate into a production line, which improves productivity and quality. The company has been in the laser manufacturing industry since 1923, and it is a leader in laser technology and the laser market. TRUMPF is a global leader in manufacturing technology that includes machine tools, electronics, and medical technology.

Wuhan Golden Laser

Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. is a leading laser machine manufacturer that focuses on intelligent, digital and automated laser solutions. Its diverse products include cutting, engraving, and marking lasers, as well as integrated design solutions. Customers in many industries use the company’s products to meet their specific needs. Here are a few of the benefits of working with Golden Laser. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Intelligent production: GOLDENLASER has responded positively to the needs of the market for intelligent production. It has integrated internal industry resources with information technology to develop intelligent workshop management solutions. The company’s intelligent laser machines enable real-time data traceability and monitoring, reducing human intervention while increasing product quality and delivery time. They also deliver convenience management. In addition to its cutting-edge technology, the company’s laser machines can perform a wide range of welding processes.


STAHLWERK laser welding machines are used in the manufacturing of automotive components and in the construction industry. This company produces a range of welding equipment and offers comprehensive after-sales service. Products include plasma cutters, compressors, battery chargers, and spare parts. In addition to laser welding machines, STAHLWERK offers plasma cutters, a variety of spare parts, and a comprehensive warranty policy.

The advantages of laser welding include the possibility of replacing melt-bonding processes and saving on processing time. STAHLWERK offers a semi-automatic laser welding machine that assembles watch components and is characterized by its user-friendly ergonomics. It uses precise laser energy and produces high-quality, visible welds. It is particularly suitable for a range of heat-sensitive materials.

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