Know About LED Ceiling Lampshade Blow Molding Machine Through This Post!!!

LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is a modern machine used explicitly to mold different LED ceiling lampshades.

It uses the infrared radiation heating method to increase the temperature for molding purposes. Typically positive pressure blow molding equipment is used in this machine. These machines are professionally designed and meticulously made that mold lampshades beautifully.

It makes your operation as simple as possible. It is an essential chimney or lightbox manufacturing machine.

How LED Ceiling Lampshade Blow Molding Machine Works

  • First, check if the pressure is stable in the region after connecting the air source, and regulate the pre-blowing and forming pressure as needed.
  • Then activate the power and the power supply. To turn on the machine, press the “power on” button.
  • Adjust the temperature of each segment according to the process requirements after turning on the oven for heating. The heating system will usually need 10-15 minutes to heat up and 30 minutes to stabilize.
  • Run the oil pump and put it through a manual test.
  • Thoroughly operate each component to ensure that it functions normally. To reset, turn on all of the components.
  • Install the side mold, upper mold, and bottom mold in the proper order. Mold should be cleaned and degreased. Cover the bottom mold (or knife mold) with a sponge.
  • Place the clean sheets on the rack in a stack of no more than 300 sheets. Make three of the sheet’s sides as near to the equipment as possible.
  • Adjust the vacuum suction cup’s location to accommodate the presently utilized sheet.
  • Through trial transportation, determine the position of the material rack, pallet a, pallet B, and host.
  • Start the automated operation, examine the product quality, and make any necessary adjustments to the appropriate settings.

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