Is The Hot Tub Also Suitable For Children Or The Elderly?

Relaxed holidays bring body and soul back into balance. But as nice as holidays are, the relaxation doesn’t last long. A hot tub, on the other hand, allows you to relax comfortably at home all year round. Here we will show you the advantages of a hot tub for young and old.

Even In Old Age Always Relaxed In The Hot Tub:

The hot tub is by no means just for hard-working professionals or active athletes. On the contrary: the beneficial effect of the water can alleviate a whole range of health problems and is therefore also a worthwhile investment for older people and senior citizens.

Hydromassage Has Been Shown To Reduce Pain:

The hydromassage in the hot tub, for example, relieves back and joint pain and can help with cardiovascular complaints, rheumatic diseases, and respiratory problems. The natural healing power of the water supports the body through movement and warmth in activating its self-healing powers. Your muscles can relax, endorphins are released and pain is relieved.

When Is A Hot Tub Not Suitable?

Thinking about buying a hot tub for health therapy? Then discuss this step extensively with your doctor. Never trade on your own. Despite the numerous beneficial properties, there are also clinical pictures for which a hot tub is not considered a suitable therapy option. 

These include, above all, severe varicose veins, severe high blood pressure, or the rehabilitation of a heart attack or stroke. Also, never stay in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes and then take a sufficiently long break.

The Hot Tub: Also Safe For Children

For small children, the cover is not to be lifted alone. For older children, it can also be locked with a key. So parents don’t have to be afraid of unsupervised bathing experiments by their little ones.

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