How To Gain Storage Space With Kitchen Cabinets

Whether as storage space or as a substructure for appliances – properly planned kitchen cabinets are real space savers and essential for smooth kitchen processes. Only ergonomically sensible built-in cupboards and individually adapted work zones enable back-friendly cooking.

What Types Of Cabinets Are Best?

Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and opening options. In principle, open shelving constructions are also possible. However, closed cupboards are preferred, especially in kitchens where a lot of cooking is done or where there is no extractor hood.

Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets are the basis of every kitchen and are very versatile: they serve as storage space, substructure for various devices, and carry the worktop. The arrangement of the base cabinets determines the shape and orientation of your kitchen.

Hanging Cupboards:

Wall cupboards primarily fulfil two important functions: They offer storage space above the worktop and you can perfectly attach the lighting for the worktop to them. In addition to classic door openings and folding solutions that swing upwards, there is also the option of sliding doors.

Tall Cabinets:

Most kitchens have at least one tall cabinet. This is often placed at the edge of the kitchen unit and closes off the worktop. Simple tall cabinets offer an enormous amount of storage space.

Corner Cabinets:

The perfect solution for using corners as storage space is corner cabinets. Depending on the need and mechanism, there are different models. A simple half cupboard with folding shelves can be opened like a conventional kitchen cupboard.

Cabinets With Special Functions:

In addition to the standard versions, there are a countless number of special white kitchen cabinets that are designed entirely for their future function. From special niche and pull-out variations to waste separation devices and integrated ironing boards, there is a suitable cupboard for almost every purpose.

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