Stone, Processing line of stone

What`s the process of stone?

For hundreds of thousands of years, an aggregate of warmth and strain created blocks of herbal stone, such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate. As the earth’s crust started to develop and erode, it drove minerals up from its core, forming big rock deposits, which we consult with as “quarries”. There are many stone processing lines.

Common Stone processing lines are:


For special stones there are special commands earlier than and at some point of the system; and relying on the type of stone, one ought to take unique precautions so as now no longer to harm the stone. One of those is filling the pores and cracks of the stone with resin, cement, etc.

Resin Work

Often earlier than the grinding phase, to grow the electricity of stone and create a uniform-searching floor, a resin that includes Epoxy, polyester, or the brand new UV resin is used. The final resin, after being filled-withinside the stone, the stone ought to be installed in a UV oven or earlier than sunlight.


In this system, there may be no challenge in the form of stone and all sorts of stones may be leathered. However, Travertine and marble stones

 are most customarily used, at some point of which system the weaker elements are damaged off and a floor of ups and downs is created.


From the historical times, the stones utilized in road-constructing had been hammered via way of means of a device searching like a mason`s hammer having metallic nail-line protrusions and a wood handle. By this method, the diploma of the slipperiness of the stone floor and the risk of sliding at the stone became consequently reduced.


The intention of antiquing is to make the stone appear vintage and antique. This system is used totally on travertine stones, and the system is completed via way of means of both a chemical and mechanical method.


The weathering or wind-erosion system is completed after mining. The mined stone is hit via way of means of a handheld sledgehammer so a few thick layers get damaged off the stone`s floor.


To serrate the stone is completed via way of means of sandblasting, shot-blasting, and flaming methods.

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