Thermoforming, Deep Drawing, Vacuum Cleaner Forming

Three terms – one definition. What is implied by this is the process of developing thermoplastics. Plastic sheets are heated up on both sides in the forming station up to the developing temperature, the tool moves up with the pre-blowing of the sheet and the contour is attracted through vacuum networks with negative pressure.

After cooling down with a blower and temperature-controlled aluminum device, the molded part is instantly gotten rid of and also the vacuum forming machine is reloaded.

Locations Of Application For The Thermoforming Refine:

Thermoforming is suitable for the manufacturing of deep-drawn parts for lots of industrial parks. The combination of shape, color, and also features makes thermoforming processes especially intriguing for commercial developers.

Advantages Of Thermoforming In The Manufacturing Of Plastic Components:

One of the major advantages of thermoforming, especially for small and medium-sized series, is the reduced tool costs. The devices made use of in thermoforming are only prejudiced, which implies that just one aluminum mold half/tool is required. Compared to other making procedures, thermoforming has a whole variety of various other benefits.

Thermoforming Process In Steps:

Generally, the pure deep-drawing procedure can be divided right into 5 straightforward production actions:

  • Automatic packing – home heating – creating – cooling – as well as automatic elimination. Constant cycle times throughout production guarantee consistent top quality of the parts and items.
  • Loading: The dust-free plastic sheets are automatically filled right into the machine.
  • Home heating up The panels are heated up above their particular softening point (e.g. ABS 200 ° C, PS 180 ° C, PP 220 ° C). 
  • Forming: The heated plastic plate is drawn onto the device by means of a vacuum (adverse stress).
  • Air conditioning: The shaped parts are cooled down from the outside by a blower and also from the inside by the temperature-controlled lightweight aluminum tool. After the solidification temperature has been gotten to, the now dimensionally stable plastic components are removed from the tool.
  • Dumping: After vacuum creation, the parts are automatically unloaded from the thermoforming machine as well as are currently all set for post-processing/ further processing.

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