The concrete pump is one of the main construction machines

As you know, concrete pumps are one of the main construction machines that are pumps for concrete. With the development of the booming construction industry, diesel concrete pumps and trailer concrete pumps in particular are becoming more and more popular in the market. Given the abundant supply of concrete pumps, concrete pump manufacturers are very competitive. Therefore, there may be doubts. What are the factors to consider when choosing the right concrete pump manufacturer?

An electric concrete pump truck is a type of concrete pump truck driven by an electric motor and is mainly used for transporting concrete. Unlike diesel concrete pumps, it uses electricity as initial energy. Electric motorized concrete pumps only work in areas with sufficient power. Electric concrete pumps are equipped with an electric motor that provides a stable and constant power supply during operation. Compared with diesel-powered concrete pumps, electric-powered concrete pumps are more convenient and widely used. safety barriers, wall panels), dam construction, road paving, industrial flooring, precast concrete products for construction, waste recycling, foundries,


1. Heat Sink – Use the air cooling plate and fin heat sink to keep the system running at the maximum allowable temperature.

2. Main oil pump

3. Lubrication system: It adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology to provide constant lubrication with higher efficiency and longer life of wearing parts.

4. Power supply system: The series motor power supply uses domestic and foreign famous brands.

5. Diesel series: The power system uses a Lovol or Deutz diesel engine.

6. Electrical parts: The main electrical products use Schneider, LG products for the reliability of the electronic control system.

7. Hydraulic hose connection: a product to ensure the safety of the hydraulic system, no leakage.

8. Large cylinder seal: The product is used by the large cylinder seal.

9. S-valve: Made of common manganese steel casting, the wearing surface is made of wear-resistant material, which has two advantages: pressure resistance and wear resistance.

10. Goggle Cutting Ring: The goggle plate and studded cutting ring are made of carbide for durability.

11. Piston: It uses imported materials and precision machining, and has excellent hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

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