A hot tub is a large bathtub (or a small pool) that can keep the water warm.

What is a hot tub (or spa)?

A hot tub is a large bathtub (or a small pool) that can keep the water warm. Also known as a spa. They are equipped with nozzles that expel a jet of water or air bubbles to massage the body. This is hydrotherapy. The number, position and type of nozzles will vary from model to model.

What is the point of the hot tab? Share the benefits of hydrotherapy with others. Some people can bathe inside. The bucket has a thermoformed recess that makes it comfortable to sit and lie on. And the headrest. Capacity depends on the model.

In addition to size, hot tubs differ from hot tubs in that they have outdoor models. Imagine the number of sunsets and nights outdoors that you can share with your partner, family and friends.

How do hot tubs work?

The hot tub must be installed on a flat surface that can support the weight of the water. In addition, connections to electricity, plumbing and sewage are required.

The hot tub supplies water and air from the nozzle, keeps the water warm and constantly filters it. Various components are involved in that work.

Bomb (or booster). It propels the water and causes a jet of adjustable intensity.

Blower (or blower). Generates bubbles coming out of the nozzle. Some models have a built-in air heating system to prevent air bubbles from cooling the water.

Heater. Heats and maintains the water at the temperature you choose.

Filtration system. Inhale water, filter and discard again. In this way, you can store water for several weeks like a swimming pool. It consists of a filter and a pump. Skimmers can be included.Anti-limescale system . Prevents the accumulation of lime in the pipes and protects the system. Not all models include it.

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