The Swim Spa – Swim And Relax

Swimming at almost 6 meters? The counter-current system in the swimming spa makes it possible. Means: In contrast to the swimming pool, you can do your swimming training or your aqua workout in a smaller space thanks to the powerful jets.

Swim Spa: Aqua Fitness And Relaxation In One

The swim spa combines the properties of a conventional swimming pool with those of a whirlpool. While the counter-current system ensures sporty swimming pleasure, the swim spa also has a whirlpool area with several massage jets. This mix of aqua fitness and relaxation makes the swim spa a very special pool.

Separate Areas In The Swim Spa Are Possible:

By the way, there are swimming spas with two separate pools, one for swimming and one for whirlpools. This allows both functions to be used at the same time and also has the valuable advantage that you can have different water temperatures. 

Experience has shown that a pleasant 38° Celsius has proven to be best for whirlpool baths, while a cooler temperature of around 28° Celsius is preferred for swimming. This is easily possible thanks to the technically separate area.

Easy Installation And Commissioning:

Installing a swim spa is incredibly easy. With a swim spa, you only need a crane for moving and a garden hose for filling, in addition to the power connection with FI protection and a stable base. The commissioning of a swim spa takes only 2 hours, provided that the filling can be done.

The Swim Spa Is “Mobile”: No Building Permit Is Required

In contrast to a swimming pool, in most cases, a building permit is not required for a swim spa – as long as it is not embedded in the ground. A swim spa is mobile and therefore does not represent a structural change on your property. 

However, many communities thank you for the advance information and sometimes require their consenting signature if the distance to the neighbor is less than 2 m.

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