Role of hydrotherapy in curing diseases

Hydrotherapy involves the use of either hot or cold water to treat various diseases. It is mostly recommended to relieve pain in joints, for relaxation of muscles and to maintain good health. We are well aware of the importance of water in our life. It has excellent healing properties which help greatly in the proper maintenance of health. Exercising in hot water provides resistance and less pressure is exerted on painful joints.

Many illnesses and diseases like stress, sleep disorders, arthritis, depression, joint and muscle injury, cold, acne, etc are being treated through hydrotherapy. The use of hot and cold water depends on the nature of the disease and the condition being treated.

Coldwater is used in treating sprains and injuries because it causes constriction of arteries and pain is reduced. Other conditions of hydrotherapy in which cold water is used are muscle soreness, inflammation, weak immune system, pain, etc.

Whereas to heal extreme pain, hot water is used. Hot water not only helps in the healing of pain but also enhances blood flow and relaxes muscles.  

Hydrotherapy is also proposed for cardiovascular conditions. It is also greatly beneficial for recovery from the surgeries by helping in the strengthening of muscles and joints. It can help in treating chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, migraines.

For treating these diseases, various instruments are used. These include water treadmills, underwater bikes, kickboards, dumbbells, whirlpools, aquatic paddles, and many more. These are helpful in rehabilitation and treatment. The pressure on the body in water is less and it is easy for the muscles and joints to relax and move. So, hydrotherapy is very important for our health.

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