What Exactly Is a Snap Hook?

The name carabiner is a reminder of its use, as the hooks made it possible to release the carabiner quickly. Snap hooks have a springy tongue that allows them to be hooked in and out quickly. 

Compared to a simple open hook, the snap hook has the advantage that it cannot open automatically or slide out of a ring. The straps of business and travel bags are usually equipped with carrying straps. These are not permanently attached to the bag but are usually attached to rings on the side with snap hooks. 

So the buyer can use his bag without a strap or be able to remove it. Snap hooks are made of high-quality steel, aluminum, or brass. They usually consist of two parts – the opening with the springy tongue, which is connected to a pin with a ring through which the webbing or leather strap is pulled. 

Because both parts can rotate, the position of a shoulder strap can be adjusted at any time so that it lies flat on the shoulder.

Snap hooks are also part of the hardware components that are often used to highlight the brand with lettering or a symbol. There are no test values ​​for the resilience of the snap hooks used for leather bags. 

Bag manufacturers must therefore rely on the information provided by their snap hook wholesale suppliers. Therefore, if carabiner hooks have material defects that, for example, lead to the parts of the hook becoming detached from one another, complaints can arise in considerable amounts over time.

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