Step-By-Step Guide To Prep Your Nails For Gel Manicure At Home

This short article will certainly help you to find out the basics of just how to prepare your nails for a gel manicure at home with detailed guidelines.

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Gel Nails Preparation Overview:

  • The primary step to prep your nails for a gel manicure in the house is to soak your nails in a tiny dish full of warm water for about 5 minutes. This will certainly aid to saturate off the old nail gloss.
  • The following step is to push back your follicles as well as file the top of your nails. Submit from one side of the tip of your nail to the various other using little strokes, then repeat beyond.
  • You can use an orangewood stick or a steel follicle pusher to push back your cuticles as well as eliminate all the dead skin around your nails.
  • Tidying up is crucial also. Use a q-tip dipped in nail gloss remover to remove any kind of excess skin or dust around your nails.
  • After pushing back your follicles, it’s time for shaping! To attain the perfect shape, begin with a nail file in one hand and afterward hold the suggestion of your nail in between your thumb as well as your forefinger on the other hand. At this moment, you can control the form of your nail by just relocating back and forth up until it’s flawlessly formed. This might take some method, but it deserves it!
  • Last but not least, massage your follicles with any kind of oil of your preference. After a couple of mins, clean the nails again to eliminate any oil deposits.

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