How Parents Should Teach Time to Kids

Those kids who wear a wristwatch are usually allowed to go to the playground or visit the neighboring children by themselves. But first, you have to practice dealing with the time in detail. This is how children learn the clock right from the start:

First Analog, Than Digital:

Although children already know the digital time display from their parents’ alarm clock, digital watch, or smartphone, and the numbers can also be easily read here, it is the analog time display that can bring children closer to the clock. 

Because it is the second hand that whizzes around so quickly in a circle that lets children understand the passage of time. Even if they have no idea about the rotation of the earth. 

Slowly but surely the minute hand follows it and the hour hand moves forward almost imperceptibly as a result. At least that’s how children observe it. Initial information such as “When the big hand is at the top and the little one at the bottom, there is dinner” helps children to get a feeling for the daily routine.

The Toy Watch:

Either do handicrafts yourself or buy. The handicrafts are very easy and fun for children: The twelve hours of the day are marked on a paper plate, then a hole is drilled in the middle of the plate so that a short and a long pointer can be attached with a paper clip or wire. 

Then it can be read: Every children’s book or fictional story is suitable for describing the times and daily routines. Children love to playfully depict the stories they have read out loud and can do so on their self-made clock.

Clocks Suitable For Children:

Yes, the watch that shows the moon phase and the date, has an alarm function and a compass, which is probably every child’s dream. However, unsuitable for learning the time. It’s just distracting. 

A child-friendly watch without a lot of frills for the first time is needed. Only then can the time be reliably read and an appointment at certain times of the day be met. And later it can be a more complex model with a digital time display.

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