Indoor Activities For Children During Bad Weather

Children want to be active and experience something, even in bad weather, wet, mud, or even slush. One possibility is: put on a rain suit and rubber boots and still go out to the playground. 

But if that is too uncomfortable, especially in cold temperatures, there are many opportunities for meaningful activity with fun in rainy weather. We have put together some activities that you can do spontaneously without prior notification in bad weather and some for which a little planning makes sense.

Trampoline Parks:

In the Jump House, you can do more than just jump. innovative trampoline parks have lots of fun and exercise await young and old. You can jump, play, and do gymnastics over trampolines.

Indoor Playground:

Nothing beats the good old playground, where children can climb, slide and jump to their hearts’ content – unless it’s raining.


When the children are a little older, a visit to the sauna is also a pleasure. Often the biggest challenge when visiting the sauna is getting the children to keep the recommended rest periods.


Even when the weather is really bad, a visit to the zoo can be fun. You should just spend more time in the animal houses. One advantage: when the weather is bad, zoos are often very empty.

Aquarium or Reptile zoo:

The advantage of aquariums and reptile zoos is that they are covered and air-conditioned. Ideal for visits in bad weather. A little insider tip for the thrifty: a visit to a larger pet shop is also exciting for children

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